The 7 Best Yoga Mats of 2022

The 7 Best Yoga Mats of 2022

After using your yoga mat for some time, you’ve surely noticed that your silent partner is something essential. Together you have worked on demanding poses, and you’ve had great moments, but be now you are starting to fee a little…unsatified.

You’re not wrong, and good yoga practice is important. But as you start enjoying your practice, and doing yoga more often, investing in a good mat will be a decision that you won’t regret.

In the beginning, all yoga mats can seem to be the same, and the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming! We’ve put together this guide so that you can choose from the 7 best mats on the market today whether you’re doing yoga at home, outside or in class.

1. Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat – Our TOP choice – Yoga mats for combo yoga

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mats are incredible. With more than 10 designs to choose from these are hands down our favorites. The materials and finishes are high quality and also respectful to the environment as it is a biodegradable mat.

The mat feels soft and different from normal mats. And even though it seems contradictory, you can moisten it to improve your grip!  (If you are not sweating enough already, of course).

In short, it is one of the best mats we have ever had. There is always someone who sees it, loves it and asks where we bought it.

  • PROS Different design, original and unique.Strong grip and and secure once moistened.Zero odors.
  • CONS It can be a bit heavy to carry.To take advantage of the grip you must be barefoot or wet the mat.

2. Manduka Pro – Best Quality

The Manduka Pro is a unique mat. The design, the quality of the materials and the finish makes it one of the best mats on the market. From the moment you try it you will not find anything like it again.

It is dense, thick and gives incomparable comfort. Its surface is made of closed cells that prevent sweat and dirt from adhering to the mat. To achieve all this, the weight of the mat is somewhat affected and this be one of the only drawbacks we see. When it comes to taking it to class or taking it out of the house, there are better options, as it is not very comfortable to carry.

In conclusion, if you take your yoga practice seriously, you value quality and want to invest in a mat that will last you a lifetime, the Manduka Pro is your winning choice.

  • PROS Perfect for practicing yoga at home.One of the best mats on the market in terms of quality. Manduka guarantees that it will last you a lifetime .Non-slip, easy to clean and with an incredible grip.
  • CONS It weighs more than normal and this can be awkward.

3. Songmics Mat – Best value for money

This mat is a very good option if you are just starting out and you are still hesitant about  investing in a better mat. Although not one of the highlights of this list, we must not forget that each of us has different needs and perhaps for less intense yoga this is a good choice.

It is non-slip, resistant to sweat, water and has a good grip. It is a very dense and thick mat at 15 mm thick. This can be an advantage or inconvenience depending on the person. It will undoubtedly offer incredible cushioning and comfort, but so much padding can affect your balance in more complicated poses.

Another strength is its versatility. You can use it both to do yoga and to perform other types of exercises or activities. It is easy to clean and does not give off odors.

In addition, if you are tall you will appreciate that it is available in a large size of 190 x 100 cm.

This is your mat if you are just starting your yoga practice and you need some time and experience before launching into a better choice.

  • PROS Good value for money. Very versatile.Ecological and recyclable.
  • CONS If color is fundamental perhaps the design is not the most appropriate.The finish and materials used could be of higher quality.

4. Heathyoga Mat – Perfect for Beginners

It’s undeniable that Heathyoga knows how to make a good mat. This one we especially like because its design includes details of the lines and markings that help you figure out where to put your feet and hands. Definitely a strong point compared to other mats.

It is made of an environmentally friendly material and is very comfortable. It has a thickness of 6 mm that your knees and glutes will certainly appreciate. In addition, it can be folded and rolled up and does not lose its shape.

We recommend if you are starting to practice yoga at home, but you want to enjoy the durability and comfort of a great mat.

  • PROS Fantastic for inside useDesigned with lines and marks that help you correctly place your hands and feetMade with TPE material without PVC latex or toxins, respectful to the environment.
  • CONS Over time you lose some of its non-slip capacity.Grip be poor for complex or advanced movements.

5. Sternitz Mat – Excellent pack for 2

Although they can be bought individually, we love the 2-pack Sternitz pack. As you know, when you commit with another person to accomplish a goal it is much more possible that you will achieve it. This is why we wanted to include a mat for couples and friends who do yoga together. Don’t have a friend or partner to practice yoga with? Give one of these mats as a gift and soon you will!

They have a smooth,anti-slip surface that improves after the first wash. They are pretty, have a cheerful design and are very light.

You can combine black, purple, green and pink when choosing colors. The mat includes a strap that matches the color of the mat to make it easy to carry.

Without a doubt, this is your pack to explore the exciting world of yoga with your partner or friend.

  • PROS Ideal for Bikram yoga, Hot yoga or Hatha yoga.Manufacture with ecological materials.Design and original colors.
  • CONS Improved grip in advanced postures.Strong odor before first wash.

6. Mondaplen – Essential for outdoor

Although we love yoga at home, practicing it in a park or on the beach is a delight. This mat is designed for exteriors; it is waterproof and also very easy to wash. Do not worry about the sand or the mud, you can use this mat on every surface!

It has two sides, one smooth and one wavy so that you can choose the one that best suits the situation. You can carry it everywhere as it only weighs 0.45 kg and includes a carrying bag.

In short, if you are a person who sees the sun and needs to be outside, this is your mat.

  • PROSPerfect for outdoor use.Reversible, you can choose between smooth and wavy sides.Waterproof and washable with soap and water.
  • CONS There are better options if you are going to use it indoors.It is not non-slip on surfaces such as parquet flooring or tiles.

7. Manduka eKo Superlite – The best to carry and travel

We have talked about how we love to practice yoga in the park or on the beach but … what if you are in another country or you need to take your mat traveling?

That’s where the Manduka eKo Superlite comes in, a traveling mat that sacrifices cushioning for exceptional portability. Although it does not look like it, has a great grip that is only affected by sweat and moisture.

If you are a traveler, who seeks spiritual enlightenment in other countries and you need to take a mat to do yoga then here you have your adventure companion.

  • PROS The best mat on the market to carry in your backpack or travel luggage.Manufactured with adherent and light materials as well as being ecologically friendly.
  • CONS It has no quilting.With sweat and moisture the grip decrease.The initial odor can be somewhat strong and therefore need a couple of washes.