The Amazing Transformation of Casa Burés, Barcelona, Spain.

See how a historic residential building was transformed into 26 luxury apartments.The award winner interior design firm, Estudio Vilabanch and TDB Arquitectura, from Barcelona, Spain, has made an unbelievable transformation to a 7,700 square-meter building constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. The famous building, known as Casa Burés, now features 26 luxury apartments ranging from spacious living quarters with frescoed ceilings, to more simple, white-walled flats with oakwood floors.The impressive restoration project that Vilablanch’s team has made in Casa Burés is perceived everywhere. The limestone carved staircase, the artwork in the walls and ceiling, Gothic-like columns, and the beautiful polychromatic windows will take your breath away, and that’s just the beginning.Vilablanch studio faced many challenges, but the most important was developing a project that could turn a noble, aristocratic, and majestic building ( Both internal & external infrastructure) into a house for genuine, sophisticated, and enlightened families that want to live in a unique place in Barcelona without losing the valuable architectonic and decorative elements that were part of the history of modernism.As you can see, windows, doors, furniture and objects are equally refined, but calm, they found a balance between classic ornament and simplicity; details that are intriguing and subtle at the same time.We can appreciate the conservation of the unique finishes which are considered architectonic and decorative jewels in a place like Barcelona. We can start with magnificent designs, landscapes with rustic scenes, ceilings and walls with unique and artistic moldings, stained glass with exceptional polychromes, and exquisite woodwork; It’s just fascinating!The livings are from 450 to 500 meters squared and have an independent entrance. Do you remember the majestic limestone carved staircase? Well, That’s the lobby. Both principals have a big hall, an impressive living room that combines different tones of gray, yellow, burgundy, elegant geometric patterns, a closed kitchen, beautiful dining rooms, a bedroom suite with bathroom, walk-in closets, 2 or 3 secondary bedrooms with their respective bathrooms. The whole package! The courtesy bathrooms are tiled with artistic mosaics, free-standing vanities with  single sinks, and signature faucets that reflects the obvious preservation of the essence between classic and modern styles.The kitchen is totally functional and high-tech, made with innovative materials from the German Bulthaup such as aluminum and steel.The master bathrooms are designed with contemporary elements with soft & rounded shapes, such as the free-standing white bathtub, a double sink bathroom vanity, and polished chromed faucets. Everything single detail has been thought-out carefully and made with the most exquisite & novel materials to preserve the nature and the spirit of this beautiful place.For more information, visit TDB Arquitectura and vilablanch website.Photography: Jose Hevia

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