The Art of Decorating and Styling a Bathroom for Summer

The Art of Decorating and Styling a Bathroom for Summer is an invitation not only to head to the seaside, but also spend more time under the shower. If your space is not looking overly inviting at the moment, well, you need to switch and spice things up for the hottest of seasons. You have plenty of options like fresh greenery that can breathe new life into your sanctuary. The goal is to create a peaceful haven, an exotic getaway in the heat of your home. In other words, it is time to celebrate summer and enjoy brisk days like never before. So let’s take a closer look at this designing project…

1. Let the sunshine in

Before you commit to large design overhauls, focus on brightening and refreshing the space. Go step-by-step and gradually redo elements that seem outdated or out of place in summer. For instance, get rid of thick curtains that block the sunlight. In their place you should put the fishnet draperies. They look great and also let you invite the flood of sun rays and fresh air inside. Their rejuvenating presence will instantly lower your blood pressure, but also visually open up the bathroom. A fresh coat of paint brings instant change in terms of aesthetic pull. Yet, you do not have to repaint everything to add color. Pick a statement wall and stick to lighter and calming tones. You can do the obvious and install wallpapers that feature sea motifs like waves. Painted turquoise panels also do the trick, although even the subtlest solutions can create a relaxing vibe and help you put together something out of a summer fairytale. A Comprehensive Guide to Shower Stools and Benches

2. Add some tropical flair

You cannot go wrong with the tropical theme. So, channel the mystery of the sea and utter joy of beach life. To get inspired, take a look at distant, lavish resorts people flock to during summer. Facilitate a spa-like feel with tranquil details such as candles and rolled washcloths. Explore various DIY projects. For example, put together a candle display by filling a glass holder halfway with sand and placing a big white candle in the center.Likewise, display your vivid towels and bath products on open shelves and racks. You can reserve special spots for artful vignettes, sea sponges, and luxury soaps.  These neat elements can be easily rotated to keep things fresh and interesting. While at it, try to group lotions and gels together in beautiful earthy baskets. On the other hand, you probably want to store unsightly items away. Put bath products with large labels behind the closed doors.Furthermore, potted plants are a summer staple you have to make the most of. When ocean blue meets lush green, magic tends to happen. Namely, there is a wide array of tropical plants you can surround the bathtub with. Use attractive vases and adorned mason jars for maximum impact. If your space can accommodate a small tree, then it is even better. As for those who do not want to go big, you can simply put tropical leaves like monstera in a vase by the sink. Designer Bathroom Mats Serving as Functional Art

3.Bring the ocean to you

Imagine opening the bathroom window after your morning shower routine and seeing the ocean. It is a dream for many and reality for a few. But, this does not mean that you cannot do something about it to bridge the gap between the two. In fact, with a few clever solutions, you can make any bathroom feel like a portal to the big blue.The base color palette should be light and breezy, complimented with some nautical-inspired elements such as the wooden ship’s wheel, ropes, or a lifebuoy. You can also express your creativity through budget-friendly DIY projects with natural elements like seashells. They can be used to create candle holders or to decorate your mini palm tree centerpiece or even as material for the chandelier. Also, consider a blue rug or a mat that evokes the pristine sensation of the sea. source A Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Mirrors Finally, those who are prepared to invest a bit more should deck out their bathrooms in wooden details. This project brings a lot of organic character and charm to the summer sail setting. So, introduce new cabinetry or highlight wooden ceiling beams. Shades of golden and light brown are sure to spark some attention. To start small, you may first add elements like wicker or rattan baskets and boat models. The list goes on, so feel free to dive deeper into creative ideas.

The summertime bliss

You do not need a palm tree beside you and sandy beach beneath your feet to enjoy spoils of summer. It is possible to give the old space a makeover and chill out inside without blowing the budget. To make it happen, master the art of smart designing and decorating. Strive to create a space that is as bright and open as possible. Bring the outdoors in and add a colorful, soft touch. The possibilities are near endless, so choose elements you personally adore. Do not miss your chance to swim in summer style and immerse in hedonism at its finest. 5 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind

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