The Best 3D and Augmented Reality Apps for Designers

Technology is making big waves in the world of design, reshaping creative processes and opening doors to exciting new opportunities. Most notably, we see 3D and augmented reality apps leading the tide of innovation. They are integral to succeeding in a highly competitive landscape. The beauty of it is that you can virtually bring your ideas to life, long before actually starting the project. So, here are some of the best tech tools of the trade you can employ.

Pottery Barn’s 3D Room View 

As the name suggests, this amazing app allows users to visualize scaled, life-like items and accessories via phone or computer screen. To be more precise, one can see Pottery Barn products in existing rooms, including those that are empty. Using a phone’s camera, it is easy to add, manipulate, and remove anything from a table lamp to an area rug. Moreover, it is possible to switch colors of décor and upholstery.Shop Designer Bathroom Accessories

Amikasa 3D Room

Next app on our list goes a step further by allowing designers to experiment with different layouts and floor plans. Namely, the innovative 3D Room tool lets you utilize predefined shapes to create your own, custom floor plan. Not only that, once you set the dimensions and blueprint mode, you can flesh out the environment with décor and furnishings. Everything plays out smoothly via drop-and-drag commands, as well as adjust, rearrange, and rotate features.A Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Mirrors


This one is a true blast. First off, accelerated prototyping saves time and spares you the headaches. It enables you to go into production with full confidence. What is more, advanced product visualization bridges the gap between your 3D modeling efforts and what the end product will really look like. It has never been easier to preview, edit, and configure 3D models in virtual reality. Another great perk is easier communication with partners and clients.


Being a free app, Measured should be an essential item your design arsenal. It leverages AR technology to perform measuring of space or specific items. All you have to do is scope them out with your phone’s camera. This high-tech wizardry eliminates human error and gives you exact numbers to work with. It also makes trips to furniture and home improvement stores redundant. You can finally easily find that ideal furniture arrangement.A Comprehensive Guide to Shower Stools and Benches

Ikea Place

Retail giant Ikea has launched its AR app that streamlines design workflow and shopping experience. Essentially, this means that we now have hundreds of products available for virtual home placement. Desired items can be added to the cart and purchased later. On top of it, those who download an app have a chance to gain access to the latest Ikea items. So, get your hands on a new centerpiece before others jump on it.

 Cutting-edge of the industry

Long gone are the days of using a measuring tape and playing a guessing game. AR apps are revolutionizing the entire home industry. So, if you mean business, you better keep up the pace. Choose and preview design solutions with a tap or swipe of the finger.  View 3D, 360-degree imagery and witness your vision captured in augmented reality. Use these cutting-edge software tools to take your design game to the whole new level.Shop Designer Bathroom Stools and Benches

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