The BEST diapers for 2022

The BEST diapers for 2022

If you are looking for the best diapers for your baby, you will find our personal selection of the best diapers here, with different sizes, design and various characteristics. From natural or ecological diapers, to diapers for bathing in the pool or in the sea, you will surely find the one that best suits your needs.


Dodot Sensitive diapers, specially made for the sensitive skin of newborn babies. These are a very absorbent and fine diaper that also uses some very interesting technology. It has, in the first place, a high level of absorption, thanks to their differentiated interior filter for each zone, ensuring that there are no leakages.

This diaper gives the baby total protection, which will allow him/her to be dry for longer. It also has soft touch, flexible side fastenings, which secure the diaper delicately and smoothly. These diapers have a special cut at the navel to ensure the comfort of the baby. In addition, they come with a humidity indicator to warn you when it is necessary to change the diaper.


Huggies diapers: specially designed for use in the sea or in the pool . These special diaper bathing suits are ideal to protect the little ones from any little accidents that could happen to them in the pool or in the sea. They are very discreet because they do not inflate, but at the same time they are very fun because they have designs of different cartoons that will delight your toddler.

These are diapers with side fastenings to make opening the diaper quick and easy. Also, they are very comfortable and will not hurt or leave marks. Let your little ones enjoy the water without having to worry about bathroom hygiene. These diapers also go well with swimsuits thanks to their fun designs as well as the special matufacturing material which means they do not swell in the water like normal diapers.


These Pingo diapers are made from eco-friendly materials to ensure your baby will not suffer any harm or allergy from chemicals that can be used by other diaper manufacturers, some potentially toxic. These are ecological, natural diapers  that do not use chlorine and are not treated with hydrogen peroxide.

The diapers are also very absorbent and guarantee that the baby’s skin will remain dry because they absorb 25% better than traditional diapers. They are anti-allergenic diapers and do not contain PVC nor perfumes, making them ideal for babies with atopic skin problems and other health problems. They are soft and do not have the plastic smell associated with other diapers. It is a good choice at a price that is more than fabulous.


Bambo natural and ecological diapers are the best option if you want to help and respect the environment. It is an eco-friendly package that provides the baby with comfort, whilst being very comfortable and allowing them to move with ease. These diapers contain no chlorine or other materials, such as perfumes that could be toxic. The absorption level is high and baby will stay dry.

They have a novel design that allows the air to move around the baby’s rear, thus avoiding moisture, and therefore, irritating the skin of the child. It also has ribbons on the sides to adjust the diaper, making it comfortable. This product has received the Swan label of respect for the environment since, in addition to not containing toxic or polluting products, they also use renewable products in its manufacture, such as wood from some managaged forests in Scandinavia.


Pampers Micro diapers are specially designed for very young or premature babies. They are similar to the Dodot, but are smaller, and therefore, a better fit for very small babies. It is a very effective design, and above all very absorbent and soft, which will prevent irritation. They also have a moisture indicator that works perfectly.

They are diapers that fit well when they are wet and also have a comfortable fit in all possible situations. In addition, they are soft, their feel is similar to cotton and they use micropore technology. These micropores are specially designed to allow the passage of air, to avoid moisture and irritation on the baby’s skin.


Chicco diapers are especially absorbent because they have special, innovative layers that ensure that the baby is cool and dry for longer. These diapers are made with soft, fine breathable materials. They also have flexible side fastenings to keep the diaper secure without harming or leaving marks on the baby’s skin.

They can be used day and night thanks to their super-absorbent layers. The usual box includes 21 diapers. The ratings are very positive because it is a very good diaper with great quality in relation to price. There are no leakages and they leave no marks. Good choice.


Naty diapers are eco-friendly, made from highly absorbent natural ingredients and are especially environmentally responsible. They have a good soft texture,  fit perfectly to the baby’s skin and are biodegradable. You only have to pay special attention to the size to avoid mistakes!

It is a very absorbent diaper, made without chlorine or perfumes, but they have a good smell. In addition, the material of these diapers brings an overall feeling of softness and fit perfectly to baby’s body without being bulky, allowing them to move freely and easily.