The best way to refresh your bathroom

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Your bathroom looks tired?

If you have decided that today is the day to beautify your bathroom, you are certainly not wrong. It’s always a good time to start a project like this. You will not need a lot of money to beautify your spa corner. The essence is in the idea and we have a lot of tricks for you.But did you decide how you will dress your bathroom? Listen to your wishes…  you want a simple bathroom in gentle beige shades or eclectic, dramatic… impressive spa corner? Choose your style and let’s begin.It’s not always easy to find the balance between aesthetics and practicality. Above all, the bathroom must be functional. But it wouldn’t be bad to tell a nice story about your personal style along the way. Be thorough, process every item in your bathroom, think about how to improve it. Sometimes just one small change can do wonders.Try these powerful ideas..

 First, let it SHINE!

Before you start with bathroom updates you must first “declutter” the bathroom— because less is always more. Scrub it…and brighten it up!Everything must be there, but without the mess. We all have stuff that we don’t use or need, get rid of them. The bathroom must be clean and well organized. Add more storage like drawer dividers or sliding wire shelves if you need…for example, wall-mounted self-adhesive caddies are a good idea. It’s a cheap and practical solution for toothbrushes, combs, facial masks…You also may re-glaze the tub…Replace old faded towels with luxurious ones…Freshen up bathroom smell…Counters must be clutter-free! You may put a few objects on them, like a foaming soap pump or cute jars. But don’t overdo it! Consider simple but effective accessories like Windisch Addition Frosted Glass Table Pump Liquid Soap Lotion Dispenser for Bath, Kitchen.

Add a little splash of color

You must have a statement wall!If you like tiles, choose something that screams: look at me, look at me, but in a good way. Don’t remove old tiles, just cover them if you don’t want to replace old ones. For this job, choose antibacterial, water-resistant epoxy tile paint.Waterproof wallpaper is another way to express your style. There are so many ways to beautify your spa corner, such as crazy bath mats (can lift up the space), attention-getting fixtures, patterned roller blinds (or make privacy with window film)…For an expensive and elegant look, pick light neutral paint colors like beige, gray, or white towels and bath mats. Natural tones like sand and wood are also a great choice if you like an elegant look. For countertops pick veined marble or white stone, it will look amazing.Or put it in the dark mode and express your bold personality! Boudoir looks aren’t just for bedrooms…For example, imagine black tiles and gold shower heads in the same corner.Bold wallpaper adds life to your bathroom! Spice things up with details like Spiral Clear Glass Round Wastebasket Trash Can for Bath, Kitchen, Office W/Lid. Extra tip: A bath caddy made of wire is a stylish detail and it certainly  will not go unnoticed. Decorate it as you wish and always keep it in the tub. It is also a very practical detail that can be used to put away dessert, a book, or other things… If you love natural materials, an adjustable bamboo caddy is the right choice for you.

Create a calming atmosphere with lightning

Give your bathroom a quick update by replacing boring lighting. Bathrooms should be a place of peace and relaxation. Choose soft lights (like an LED)  mixed with natural lighting, sometimes put candles all around the tub. Use lighting that suits you at a given moment. Today, you have so many choices of lamps and chandeliers on the market, choose something that will make your space bathed in a gentle light similar to the natural one.You can use an old lantern or vintage copper chandelier to express your eclectic style.For a glamorous look give a chance to golden sconces.Minimalist aesthetic loves understated ceiling lights.

Details with a story

A gallery wall of art is always a good idea if you want to impress “visitors”. Whether you choose classic paintings, comic titles, or abstraction, this place in the bathroom will certainly not go unnoticed. You can also make a small shelf for pictures if you likeThe big mirror is the oldest trick, it makes the smallest room look bigger than it is. Choose the one with an interesting frame like GM Luxury Raphael Round Decorative Wall Art Hand Carved Mirror Antique Gold Leaf or LED lighting for a dramatic accent. Things like this always do the job.Refresh little things …your fittings,  towel rails (standalone ladder in silver or black color), toilet roll holder, door handles…Don’t forget that everything matters. Every single thing must be an eye-catching object! Dispense everything. Pretty jars instead of boring plastic cups will make a world of difference. Show items you inherited from your grandmother or bought at a flea market, retro things are in again.Try to use double shower curtains with an interesting pattern. Even lace comes into play. Evaluate what would best fit your existing style. Soak them in a source of natural light and enjoy the dramatic play of shadows.

Accessories with benefits

Candlelight and perfumes, jewelry, and crystal chandelier. Some accessories are made to impress.Create an inviting glow in your spa oasis with candlesticks on an interesting tray made of steel, glass, or some other material.  Windisch Alabaster Bathroom Vanity Countertop Guest Towel and Organizer Tray is an excellent solution for those who love eternal glamour and elegance. It’s stylish and practical ( for various creams, serums…) and it  will look fabulous on your countertop.The window ledge is a perfect place to display greenery and bring zen feeling into the bathroom. Allow nature to speak on your behalf. Details like this never go unnoticed. When it comes to flower pots, be creative. Use old cans or clay pots to elevate the space and make it unique.If you aren’t a fan of pot plants, buy yourself a beautiful vase and place fresh flowers in it. The transparent ones or decorated with little  glasses are the best choice because they don’t distract attention from tulips, peonies, roses …

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