The Harny Mattress Pad Review | High-End Mattress Topper

The Harny Mattress Pad Review | High-End Mattress Topper

Harny mattress pad.

The Harny Mattress topper is an affordable mattress pad with top buyer reviews.

It’s made of 100% natural cotton that’s breathable + cooling.

Reading reviews, buyers love it in the warmer months — fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture quickly (which helps with night sweating!).

Mattress pad features

  • Helps soften beds that are too firm
  • Removes lumps + bumps (especially for older mattresses)
  • Extend the life of a mattress
  • Provides extra joint and back support

Harny Mattress Pad Topper

There’s lots of mattress covers on the market, but this one stood out because of it’s newness + outstanding buyer reviews.

It’s one of the highest reviewed products I’ve come seen online.

Buyers describe the Harny Mattress Topper as fluffy, silky, super soft, and great for back pain.

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Features & Specifications:

  • Mattress pad sizes: 6
    • Twin ; Twin XL ; Full 
    • Queen ; King ; California King
  • 400TC cotton pillow top mattress pad
  • Fully machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic cotton (skin friendly)
  • Breathable material – great in the hot months
  • Ultra soft + comfy
  • 18 inch pockets

Great for side sleepers!

Side sleepers tend to twist their bodies at night hence sleeping at strange angles.

As a mattress add-on, it helps provide some support, but is meant to give your bed a softer, plush feel.

Buyers love the deep pockets — they say their bed looks fluffier and balances their weight when side-sleeping.

Material: Breathable cotton

Pricing: Medium

Harny Mattress Topper

The Harny topper is made of a special hypoallergenic cotton — beneficial for anyone with skin allergies + protects against dust mites.

It’s also made of a breathable type of cotton, which creates a cooling sensation and absorbs moisture.

If you tend to over-heat or sweat at night, the Harny pad dries incredibly quickly.

For the most part buyers appear to love the Harny Mattress Topper — it helps keep them dry from night-sweats and is 100% machine washable.

With an affordable price with lots of positive buyer reviews, I think it’s the best mattress pad available.

Feel free to let us know what you think!

  • Harny Mattress Pad Topper
    • Features & Specifications:
    • Great for side sleepers!
    • Harny Mattress Topper