The Importance of Bathroom Rails and Grab Bars in Your Bathroom

Bathroom grab bars are basically poles that are installed on the bathroom wall, although there are types that are connected to the ceiling. They improve bathroom safety as they enable the person to hold on to them to maintain balance and stability while moving from one position to another.

The Benefits of Bathroom Grab Bars and Rails

Good hygiene is essential for our health. However, if you have to worry about your safety, especially on days when you’re not feeling too well, maintaining good hygiene can require a lot of effort. Installing grab bars in your bathroom can make showering or bathing a safer experience so that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt.Once you can maintain your regular hygiene routine without the interruption of fear, you will be able to do it more often and with more confidence. And if your bathroom is designed for safety and comfort, it’s easier to enjoy the time you spend in there. The feeling of independence is crucial to our quality of life. Designing your bathroom so that it enables you to stay independent for as long as possible can improve your quality of life significantly. Making small changes to your home such as installing grab bars and rails can help you maintain your routine as you have before without the help of relatives and friends.

Types of bathroom bars and rails

Moreover, bathroom rails and grab bars come in many different forms and sizes and they can be combined for maximum convenience. You also don’t have to sacrifice the visual appeal of your bathroom to make it safe, as there are grab bars combined with shelves, soap holders and other bathroom accessories that both serve their purpose and look good. Here are some of the main types of bathroom bars and rails according to their shape, size, and position.Most bathroom bars are straight, but L-shaped and rotating bars can be found too. Rotating bars are usually made of plastic and they attach to the wall by a suction cup. They are used mainly for balance and are not designed to withstand weight for a long time. They are convenient for travel and easy to install.Sturdier metal grab bars are drilled into the wall. They are designed to carry the weight of a person, and if they come with a non-slip surface, they are considered to be the safest option. Bathroom bars can be installed in three different ways: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. If you have balance issues or arthritis, vertical bars can be of considerable help. The downside to vertical bars is that they cover less surface, so they should be installed in a place where they will be of most use, like the bathtub.Horizontal grab bars, especially those made of metal, are great when you need to pull yourself up and get up from the toilet or into the bathtub. However, they are at a fixed height and they can be uncomfortable for people with joint problems, as all the pressure is applied to the wrist joints.The height problem is fixed with grab bars that are positioned diagonally and these can be convenient for people with different needs. They can help you move up more gradually and with less effort. However, non-slip surfaces are recommended to reduce the risk of slipping when pulling yourself up.

Where to install a bathroom grab bar?

The best place to install a grab bar is somewhere you would use it on a daily basis. If you would use it for balance on a good day, it could save you from a fall on a different occasion. As the toilet is a place that requires a change in position, installing a grab bar nearby could be a good idea. If you are concerned about a lack of space or appearance, you could get a grab bar that also serves as a toilet paper holder.One of the most optimal heights at which to install a grab bar near the tub is at waist-level. It provides balance and stability to the user as it can help them get into, and out of the tub or shower.

Towel rack

People usually hold on to towel racks when they feel dizzy or weak. Ordinary towel racks aren’t designed for that and holding on to them can cause more trouble in the long run, as they might fall out or break. The most convenient type of grab bar is probably the towel rack grab bar, which can serve a double purpose. Safety towel racks can help you ease your mind while saving space and being useful as towel storage. They can also fit into every bathroom design, enabling you to think beyond practicality.Your bathroom should be your personal oasis of comfort and relaxation. Falling in the bathroom could result in injuries, or force you to rely on others for help. Installing a grab bar and taking other safety measures in your bathroom could prevent this and spare you the potential physical, emotional and financial trouble. This small investment will enable you to stay independent, safe, and relaxed when going into your bathroom.

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