The Interior Designers Guide to Holiday Decorations

The season of holiday shopping and feasting is underway. This is the perfect time to display your favorite decorations and wow the guest.Of course, to do this, you need to swap the regular décor and make room for something more special. Usually, people keep some of the present aesthetics and add a new dimension to them. You should ideally commence planning a month or two in advance if you really mean to create the right ambiance for your space. But, even if the holidays are just around the corner, there are ways to make a difference in a nick of time.One mistake you want to avoid is making your space too cluttered and oversaturated with colors. To pull off a cohesive style, you can organize elements such as ornaments by color. In general, it is a good idea to first think about color palette and how it expresses your personality and relates to your interior space. I would recommend sticking to one or two basic colors.For instance, if you want to go for a classic Thanksgiving look, then deep yellows and oranges should be your greatest allies. To balance out these festive aesthetics, use calming natural shades. These are some of the best holiday design ideas for those who want to play it safe.Along the similar lines, do not introduce too many new pieces of décor and make each and every one of them count. Besides, nobody wants décor to interfere with your daily life and routines. One exception is a Christmas tree, where the more the merrier rule applies (provided that you do it right).Another rule is to maximize the potential of lighting. It is, hands down, the most essential design tool you can use everywhere, the best way to highlight your décor and make it fully shine. The warm glow of Christmas lights always soothes the soul and fosters an enthralling atmosphere.Also, bear in mind that you can save some space by making the most of the vertical dimension of your home. Create simple cardstock snowflakes and attach them to the ceiling with a tape. Alternatively, opt for hanging mistletoes.Feel free to hire an interior decorator in case you are feeling overwhelmed by the wide spectrum of choices and bombarded with other obligations.

Décor crown jewels

If you ask me, it is fine to splurge a bit on a striking centerpiece that can uplift the whole space. If you really want to work some magic, you will have to do more than just pick a nice Christmas tree.First off, welcome the guests and spark their attention right at the front door. Seasonal embellishment will allow you to do that and foretell the theme inside.So, think in terms of foliage, wreaths, greenery, branches, leaves, and other natural elements. For me, colorful ornament wreaths are the best of the best when it comes to front door decoration. For a special touch, hang white LED lights and compliment your décor pieces.At the same time, awaken the interior designer within you and rethink common pieces like the aforementioned wraths. They do not have to serve only as wall or door hangings. There is no reason not to adorn other places, like the sides or ends of the tables with them. Be unique and let your whimsical flag fly.For example, you can swap the usual stocking holders with something more original, such as curtain rods. Likewise, re-imagine the furniture. An everyday wooden stool becomes much more than a place to sit once you put some décor on top and dress it up. Or, how about you use mini trees or branches instead of their bigger counterparts?

Branching out

I mean there is nothing wrong with Christmas trees. They are a staple décor piece, but we will not go further into detail here because the process is pretty straightforward. Namely, you have to put the lights first, then garlands, and finally ornaments. Just keep the tree fresh and green and you will be able to use it past Christmas. You can also pick a specific theme for the tree to make things even more interesting.“Some of my favorite Christmas decorations aren’t specifically Christmas-oriented. Trees, snowflakes, even small wooden cabins or light-up villages are all holiday hints you can scatter throughout your home to create a festive environment that doesn’t feel contrived. Anything wintry can be a Christmas decoration.”- Orlando SoriaFor a more creative approach, check out one of the exciting trends that come in the form of rustic-style Thanksgiving trees. They are actually branches arranged in vases laden with various cards that express gratitude. There are few other centerpieces that can rival them in terms of emitting an autumn and festive feel.”This is an easy and inexpensive way to add a little glam to your holiday. Find some fallen branches from outside, bring them indoors and let them dry. Spray with one or a mix of metallic spray paints. Group these together in a large, glass hurricane vase and voila — you have a holiday centerpiece that makes a bold statement. You can also decorate with mini ornaments and a strand of battery-powered lights — just drop the battery pack in the base and cover with some of the mini ornaments.” — Taniya NayakMoving on, if you have a fireplace, you are blessed with one of the most attention-grabbing centerpieces. To take the allure of the fiery spectacle to a whole new level, use fireplace mantle décor. One of my favorite looks is the winter-green style. On the other hand, turquoise and cherry red are one of the best colors if you want to keep it traditional.Those who do not have the privilege of owning a fiery focal point can rely on the bar cart to be the life and soul of the party and not just because of the drinks. Add faux fur, cranberries, wreaths, and candlesticks to capture the imagination of everyone around.

Piece by piece

When going about Thanksgiving shopping, try to avoid the rush and stress. Do your homework and research best offers online. Ignite your creativity by thinking about favorite colors and themes. Also, turn decorating into a thrilling family endeavor.Encourage your kids to make handmade items for the tree and dive into nostalgia by showcasing gifts from previous holiday seasons. And if you have some new presents ready, let them double as décor. Combine festive foliage with standard wrapping paper and you will enhance the visual appeal basically for free.If that is not up your alley, there is a slew of other holiday design ideas that are worth your attention.One approach is to explore DIY options. Why invest in expensive bouquets when you can make a small focal point by adding water, greenery, and candles to ordinary mason jars? If you wish so, do not hesitate to add a modern twist with metallic accents and contemporary décor. Framed prints and minimalist gifts can work nicely.The other tactic is to head for some Black Friday shopping, see what stands out on the shelves, and evaluate how it fits your overall design.   Pick accessories that showcase the shades and colors you want to dominate the interior landscape. Allow them to have a dramatic effect on the feel of the room. Do not shy away from unexpected, unique, and eye-catching accents.

Bring something new to the table

The art of holiday decoration is heavily influenced by nature and festive spirit. Therefore, strive to bring the outdoors in. And because the holidays go hand in hand with feasts and parties, pay close attention to your table settings.  You basically cannot go wrong with natural décor, flowers and plants.Well-crafted bouquets serve as great centerpieces in any kind of ambiance as they fuel jolly conversation and spice up the meal on the table. To summon a bit more autumn feeling, opt for pine cones, succulents, springs of fresh herbs, bundles of wheat, etc. Round up the looks with napkins in colors of autumn leaves as well as quality-texture tablecloths, gilded flatware, candles, and coasters.In the kitchen, keep things off the counter and have enough space for your culinary endeavors. Make good use of your cabinet and adorn them with ribbons tied to small ornaments or wreaths. This idea can be repurposed for bathroom or storage cabinets throughout the house.Speaking of the bathrooms, sooner or later, your guests will go there, so why not surprise them once more?There is a multitude of bathroom décor ideas to exploit and you do not need to spend a truckload of money or show off a designer bathroom if you only have a small, unassuming space.  Make difference with accents such as towels, curtains, toilet holders, and soap dispensers.

Feast for the eyes

Beyond everything else, you should indulge in all things festive and nice and get the family together. So, turn your parties into events to remember, make your holiday table twinkle and the whole home a joy to stay in. Take the enchanting holiday atmosphere to sublime new heights.

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