The Most Unique Christmas Decorations for Each Room of Your House

The living room is the perfect space for you to display something that truly represents the family in a positive light. Perhaps you have a beautiful set of china passed over from your grandmother, or maybe your grandpa left you his medals. Why not use these items and make them the centerpiece of the room? But don’t worry, even if you don’t have particularly interesting old items to display, you can still use Christmas to make a little gallery and show off special talents of everyone in your family. Custom paintings, knit stockings and table decorations, drawings, or any kind of crafty skill can definitely find its place here. This is a particularly good idea for folks with children who want to give them a fun creative project to entertain them during cold winter evenings.


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2)    Christmas trees for every room

Christmas is loud, bright, and totally flashy, and there’s no reason not to embrace this and really allow your decorations to shine. If you’re getting a Christmas tree for your living room, why not get a mini version for bedrooms as well? It’s totally fine to only use plastic trees if you prefer to avoid all the shedding, especially because it’s really easy to find very realistic-looking products these days. Leave one on every bedside table, cover it with delicate, shimmery orbs, and leave a handwritten note for every member of the household underneath it. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated. A simple seasonal greeting or maybe some good wishes will be more than enough. People will be waking up to the words of love and joy each day.

3)    Embrace your inner geek

Not every house needs to have traditional decorations—why not turn your living room into a geeky homage to your favorite fandom? You can approach this in a very subtle manner by, for example, hanging up Death Star orbs up on the Christmas tree, or you can go all in and dress up a life-sized Iron Man cutout in Santa’s clothes. Keep it as elegant as you like, or throw caution to the wind and just bring in the fun. Mantelpiece miniatures, Wookie stockings, or Game of Thrones banners hung up along the walls—there are many options, and now’s the perfect time to enjoy your fandom just the way you like.

4)    Put up scented candles in your bathroom

Another great way to bring in freshness is with the help of scented candles, and your bathroom is the perfect place for them. Find pillar candles that smell of pumpkin spice, vanilla and cinnamon, apple cider, hot chocolate, gingerbread, roast chestnuts, or sugar plum, and put them in decorative holders to match the decorations from the living room.

5)    Use decorative glass containers

Ornaments don’t belong just on the Christmas tree. You can easily use little Christmas balls of various colors and sizes to decorate your bathroom, but you don’t need to actually hang them up. Instead, find several glass containers or simple jars, and fill them up with all those baubles. Seal them shut and leave them next to the sink to inspire some joy whenever people approach to wash their hands.


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6)    Don’t forget the stairs

The staircase is not to be overlooked! It has so much decorating potential that you simply have to utilize it. Instead of just weaving a standard string of lights like you do every year, why not do something a little more unique and find a few marquee letters to spell out a short message with each step.

7)    A fresh take on family photos

Here’s another cool idea for your staircase—you probably have a whole array of family pictures hung up there already, right? Well, the holidays are a great chance to temporarily replace them with Christmas-appropriate ones. Ask each of your family members to let you take a photo of them with Santa’s cap, making a crazy face, and then have all of the photos printed out. Surprise everyone by putting these up and laugh together at all the silly poses and joy on everyone’s faces.

8)    Make a starry sky from twinkle lights

Here’s something that’s perfect for bedrooms. Instead of cheap-looking plastic stars you can buy at the toy store, use twinkle lights to make something a little more elegant. Cover the whole ceiling with them, and make sure the switch is easy to reach—after all, you don’t want these to keep people awake at night or to waste energy. Alternatively, if you think this is a bit too much for a bedroom, you can use the same idea for your hallways.

9)    Make a doorway garland

Everyone has a Christmas wreath, but one way to zhoosh it up a bit and make everything interesting is to line the doorway with a glowy garland. Weave it together with some twinkle lights, attach a few pine cones, or use miniature snowflakes to decorate it. This way, your home will look friendly and welcoming from inside out.


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10) Decorate the kitchen with food

What better way to whet everyone’s appetites than by using food itself as decoration? But there’s more to this than just putting out a fruit bowl or a few candy canes. The best way to pull it off is to use homemade preserves and cookies—fill up several jars with freshly-made strawberry jam, and use ribbons and brown packing paper to decorate them. You can also fill up the jars with cookies, cake mixes, or even dried herbs, just don’t be surprised if you find a few of the treats missing whenever a family member walks by. 

11) Use mason jars for ornaments

Speaking of jars, they can be used to make easy ornaments for the hallway. You can fill them with dried cranberries, pinecones, mistletoe, and other kinds of bits and pieces, and use sharpies to write holiday greetings on them. You can also paint the mason jars outside and put in a little candle that will illuminate the whole drawing whenever you light it.

12) Light-filled porch presents

If you want more decorations on your front porch, then all you’ll need is a few wooden crates. Paint them in any colors that you like, and fill their insides with LED lighting. Here’s a more detailed instruction on how you can make them, so feel free to experiment and arrange the crates in any way you like. And there you have it, plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Pick whichever ones you like, and decorate your whole house so it’s resplendent with joy and the spirit of Christmas. 

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