The Styling Secret of Towel Racks, Bars, and Stands

There are two things you always need in a bathroom and can never get rid of: Towels and toilet paper. Everything else could be considered to be a bell or a whistle.Where to store towels is a challenge for those who are worried about functionality, but also for the style-conscious. After all, any bathroom, regardless of how big or small, can always use some extra storage.  A linen closet is not always an option, so it is best to think smart and uncover alternative storage solutions. I am glad to announce that big towel lovers can rejoice: We are going to focus on solutions that enable quick and easy storage: Towel racks, bars, and stands. Even if you don’t have much experience with decorating and designing yet, you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking advantage of these storage tools.Also, to make your life a bit easier, you can follow the general principles of bathroom design. What you need to do is make towels more than a standby necessity and turn them into crown jewels of your signature look.

In new light

First off, take a good and long look at the bathroom you are renovating, remodeling or designing.Right off the bat, figure out whether you want a bathroom towel racks, stands, or bars.  Of course, you should first take into account their functionality. In most bathrooms, space is usually a big concern. Besides, nobody wants a messy and cluttered bathroom, right?For multiple reasons, I first want to introduce a towel rack. It might be a good idea to go for it because this solution allows you to make good use of vertical space. What is more, it provides more storage space than individual hooks.One of the most important things is choosing the place for it. Naturally, it is preferable to have towels easily accessible, but your options could be limited. Many times, you cannot fit a rack next to a bathtub, but that isn’t the end of the road.For instance, a typical towel rack can sit on the back of the bathroom door or shower door. If that is not a good option, you may add an extra tension rod for this purpose. A rather similar solution would be to go for an over-cabinet rack. Likewise, many people use a good old wall-mounted towel rack and for good reasons too: Bathroom walls are often underutilized and remain empty and blank.So, turn your attention to all overlooked and awkward vertical spaces, such as the one over your toilet. Mounting a rack gives you enough space for a few towels and takes rather minimal space on the wall.

Counting all the possibilities

Towel racks with multiple arms are a nice option as well as they hold all the towels you need and in addition, they let you put clothes there. One pricier option is a heated rack, which brings luxurious flavor to the bathroom. I mean, nothing compares to the feeling of snuggling up a warm towel after the bath.On the other hand, to save money, you can blend the storage piece seamlessly by hiding a pull-out towel bar.

Store with style

Next, it’s time for the fun part, one that focuses on delivering a style statement with storage. A bathroom towel stand or a tree is great solution if you have a corner near your bath or shower. These two are more decorative than racks and let you display your collection of towels in their full glory. So, if you possess pretty towels, I would definitely consider this one.Note that some stands also sport an extra storage space at the bottom, which can be used for various shower items. Of course, this additional space may hold nice decorative items such as a jar of seashells or a small potted plant.And at last, we come to the towel bar. I must admit this is perhaps the most mundane of all storage solutions. Yes, it can be highly practical and easily installed, but it also does not give you an opportunity to store multiple towels. That is why we would argue that the two other options should be prioritized.Use bars as supplementary rather than mains storage, to make up for the space limitations.This is not to say that you should disregard bars. Choose the color and style of the bar carefully nonetheless. Find the best way to sneak a towel into your décor. If you want to pull off a modern edge, stainless steel bars do the trick.

United colors of style

To really make a visual impact you can choose your towels carefully. Pay attention to the patterns and color. Let them compliment your racks and bars and boost the overall visual appeal of the bathroom. You should coordinate the tones with the overall bathroom style and the rest of the décor and accessories.Don’t shy away from creating contrast and being playful. For example, a bright orange towel pops nicely against a white backdrop or sea-green tiles.  In a monochrome bathroom, a whimsical bar or a stand really draws attention and breathes life into the blank space.Bear in mind you can combine the decorative potential of racks, stands, and bars with designer bathroom accessories to deliver a powerful style statement.Just don’t make the mistake of adding too many bright elements. You still want the bathroom to serve as a place where one can unwind and melt away worries and stress.

The list goes on

If in the end, you think you could use another storage option better, go for it. I have seen some amazing bathroom carts, wrought iron stands, chrome baskets, wooden step stools, and open shelves used to maximum potential.Items that are not specifically designed for bathroom always spark attention and leave a unique stamp.There are indeed a plenty of other ways to store and display towels so experiment and explore further. Inject simplistic elegance with pieces that grab attention but aren’t too heavy on the space. Let the guests have a kick out of your creativity.

Design greatness

It is as clear as day that towels are a must-have for bathrooms, but storing them can be tricky. Well, even if you are tight on space and cannot seem to fit cabinets and shelves in, don’t fret.Many designers are not aware that towel accessories are a great asset to any space. They hold the power to change the feel and look of the bathroom and enhance its storage capacity.So, do you want to prove that you are a competent and ingenious designer?  Store and hang all towels so that they are within reach. I am personally a fan of making the most of towel racks to bring the stylish flair to the bathroom, but you do what best works for the space you are designing.Make sure to think both horizontally and vertically. Keep towels and their storage space off the floor if you have a smaller bathroom.Prevent the bathroom from looking outdated, cluttered, and messy. You have a chance to show off décor and at the same time make bathrooms neater and better organized.  Throwing in the towel is not an option.

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