The trendy bathroom look for 2021

The bathroom designed in a contemporary manner must include one thing – clean and airy floating vanities. All you need to complete your modern bathroom look is a simple and  minimalistic appearance, a sophisticated feel immortalized precisely in that design.Floating vanities give the illusion of added space and instantly make a small bathroom look bigger.Shiny high-quality material gives an expensive look and aura of luxury. Matte finishes are more natural and they are the hottest trend right now. Of Course, there is a practical side: floating furniture makes your floors simpler to clean.Ideavit Solidplus 35 is a small, wall-mounted single vanity for the bathroom, which easily fits into any interior. This piece is for a vessel sink, it has a matte finish and looks so modern with one drawer storage and soft-close. Solid surface material is nice to the touch and it is made to last a long time.If you are looking for a 2in1 solution (Vanities+sink in one piece) consider the Quinn 30.3 in. Wall mounted Gold Oak Bathroom Vanity it’s ideal for a bathroom lacking in space.Looking for something bigger?  Ideavit 57 Wall Mounted Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with 5 drawers is a solution for you…

Bathroom sinks …

The ceramic sink is classic. There is nothing wrong with that style. But sometimes space requires more than usual. Contemporary sinks crave attention and love. These little goblets can be white and simple, but they must not look boring. The form must be perfect. Designers often imitate natural textures and colors in their creations. Especially interesting are the retro stone wash basins or those interwoven with gold threads or semi-precious stones.Other  alternatives to the ceramic basin are glass, concrete, mineral cast basin…Lately, one material has become extremely popular when it comes to making bathroom toilets. It is a solid surface, and because of its characteristics, such as durability and antibacterial properties, it’s an almost ideal material for modern sinks.

Here are some suggestions for you…

With its clean elegant  lines and smooth- to-the-touch surface Solidtouch square 20 in Sink  has a simple and modern design: the white matte surface and thick edge.The solid surface materials are easy to maintain and look very modern.Do you want your bathroom to look glamorous? Then be sure to opt for an icy silver finish or warm shades of gold or bronze. CP Round Chrome Vessel sink made of chromed hammered brass is a cute little gem and looks really amazing.You can fit it into many styles. It can emphasize and ennoble the icy Scandinavian character, with dark tones it makes the space dramatic and glamorous. Even boho inspired bathrooms will adore its special character. If you prefer tones of old gold and a more discreet shine, the ideal sink for you is a CP Round Vessel Sink made of transparent resin with copper or gold leaf. It’s simple but magnificent! If you are looking for a slightly more intense golden shade, a more luxurious and immodest look then consider GM Luxury Bath Collection Glass Vessel Sink Bowl with gold leaf.

The new MUST HAVE: shower benches

You may include seating into the bathroom, in fact, you must put a bench in it. The shower bench offers many advantages:

  • Women can use it to help with shaving their legs.
  • A bench is a good idea for storage for soap and shampoo bottles.
  • The shower bench offers a place to sit and relax.

Shower benches can come in many shapes,  they can be something like built-in benches which literally merge with space. Of course, you may ask yourself what material is the best for a shower bench? Granite, marble, or plastic? Maybe tiles? Marble is beautiful and elegant, but  way too cold to sit on. Wood is nice and warm but it is not the right choice for that purpose. What matters is aesthetics, but maintenance too. Our recommendation is to review the offer of shower benches made of solid surface materials. Smooth to the touch, this reliable material is resistant to heat, steam, moisture, and mechanical damage, and it looks very modern and sophisticated. Ideavit Solidtondo  Shower Bench XL,  Bath Stool Table, Surface White  is a floor standing  rectangular bench in dimension 35,4W x 11,8D x 16,9H in. Material is solid surface,100% waterproof, nonporous and resistant material. It’s also antibacterial and eco-friendly…Decor Walter STONE SCH Matte Black Backless Vanity Stool Bench for Bathroom, Bath, Shower Seat is a cute little shower bench whose surface is slightly curved to make it more comfortable to sit on. A small opening in the middle prevents water retention on the seat.Dimensions: 18,9W x 11D x  15,7H in.

The wastebaskets and their minimalist mood

Integration and inclusion of nature are one of the leading design trends in 2021. Combine organic and modern but homely elements. Design your personal philosophy and place it in your spa corner.One way to achieve this is to use details and accessories in natural materials such as Decor Walther, BASKET PK Malacca Round Wastebasket Trash Can for Bathroom, Kitchen, Office – Rattan or Decor Walther, WO PKE Dark Brown Square Ash Wastebasket Trash Can for Bath, Kitchen, Office  (made of ash solid wood). This wastebasket is an eco-friendly and rustic choice.If you prefer silver elegance consider Decor Walther, DW 112 Square Open Top Trash Can Stainless Steel Wastebasket W/O Lid Cover.Leather, why not? Decor Walther, BROWNIE PK Square Open Top Trash Can Artificial Leather Wastebasket W/O Lid CoverBA Folie Swarovski Round Trash Can is a cute little basket that looks like a small robot. She is such a beauty!

 Bath Accessories for the final touch

Soap dispensers, soap dishes and holders, laundry hampers, storage baskets, and other bathroom accessories also in some way define the space. They are like strawberries on the chocolate cake. The final touch. Things like tissue box holders are an eye-catcher, Decor Walther, KB 93 Square Tissue Box Holder Cover Tray Dispenser Tissue Case for Bath, Chrome ,for example, has a clean design and elegant look.Toilet paper holders are one of the things that people often underestimate. Freestanding toilet paper holders like Decor Walther, BK SBK Berlin Standing Toilet Brush, Holder & Toilet Paper Set, Porcelain & Brass Chrome are in trend and they are a must-have in 2021.Also, don’t forget towels and bath mats, tuck your chambers into fine fluffy textures. Contemporary looks love neutral tones, beige, soft caramel, chocolate. For those who like minimalism, perfect choices are impeccable white towels. Even a well-chosen curtain can add elegance to your bathroom…For the end,  but no less important there are laundry hampers which will complete your bathroom look in 2021. If you want a nature inspired hamper choose Decor Walter, Basket WB Laundry Hamper Basket Malacca with Lid 15×25 inch – Rattan. Also consider contemporary look with shiny elegance: Decor Walhter, WR 1 Rolling Hamper Round Laundry Basket with Removable Washable Laundry Bag…or soft and nice-looking: Aquanova, Evora Hamper Laundry Basket with Carry Handles and Removable Washable Liner (made of cotton and terylene)….

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