Three Design Styles Explained

At one point or another we’ve all wondered what is the difference between one design style and another. Well, we have some straight forward explanations that may just clarify this once and for all. So let us begin:Contemporary Contemprary designs often get mixed in with many different styles, often we see contemporary and think modern. Here are a few things to look for that will help you set Contemporary appart from the rest:1- Clean, sleek lines.2- Solid colors, soft neturals, or bold statement colors. 3- Low to the ground furniture, that consist of either metal frames or straight legs. 4- Basic shapes and forms. Transitional Transitional is becoming more and more popular. We can see why that has been the case, this look acts as a bridge between contemporary and traditional design. Transitional marries the best of both worlds, and who doesn’t like that.  Let’s take a look at how Transitional sets itself apart:1- Some accessories will have a deep sense of the traditional style.2- Furniture often will lean towards modern with cleaner lines.3-  Leather ottomans can often be seen used as coffee tables.Modern Modern, is really the equivalent of minimal when it comes to designs. Suprisingly, this style dates back to the 1930s. Below are three simple ways to identify Modern designs:1- Netutral colors.2- Polished surfaces.3- Geometric shapes and asymmetry.

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