Top 10 Best Electric Bike UK 2022 – Consumer Guide

Top 10 Best Electric Bike UK 2022 - Consumer Guide

Best Electric Bike UK. 

Today’s electric bikes offer top speeds (20-30 kph!), and distance range (up to 80 km!).

Along with electric scooters, the new e-bikes can be controlled with your smartphone or front LED dashboard.

Below are our official rankings for the best electric bikes in the UK.

Prices on my list range from, £599 – £849 .

The Best Electric Bike UK 

1. Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

The Swifty 27.5″ electric bike is the best lightweight electric bike on my list.

It comes equipped with 36V removable battery and Shimano gear transmission.

Travel Range: up to 30 km

Max Speed: 24 kph

Pricing: Affordable

As an e-bike, the Ancheer pro is makes it super easy to change speed while riding . You can also select from two modes – fully electric or new PAS system (pedal assist) .

FYI: pedal assist mode can double battery life!

Swifty e-bike is a super lightweight electric bike – only 27 kg !

The the assisted pedaling lets you conserve battery life.  Shimano 21-speed transmission gives you a range of speeds at your fingertips.

Buyers love the user-friendly controls .

Swifty electric mountain bike comes with LED front control panel ~ shows your speed, distance traveled, and remaining battery life.

Affordable price with lots of positive buyer reviews online.


2. Oppikle Electric Bike

Oppikle Electric Bike is another affordable ,   electric mountain bike in the UK.

New anti-slip tires , front and rear mechanical brakes make it one of the safest e-bikes available.

Distance: up to 35 km

Speed: 25 km/hr

Pricing: Medium

The Oppikle electric bike tires are also anti-slip resistant , built for any surface:

city streets, gravel or dirt roads, sand, city streets, etc.

21-speed gear allows you to easily go up hills or go long distance up to 35 km . Front and rear disc brakes make it a reliable electric bike for any weather!

For power it is equipped with a 250W motor and 36V 8Ah rechargeable battery .

Downside is that it takes up to 6 hours to recharge.

Top electric bike with medium price tag!

3. Eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike

The Eelo 1885 is the best lightweight electric bike in the UK.

It comes equipped with a 250W motor – good max speed and excellent travel distance .

Pricing: Expensive

Distance: up to 45 km

Eelo 1885 electric bike weighs only 16.6 kg making it one of the lightest electric bikes .

Good speed for a folding bike, up to 25 kph!

Buyers love the new battery life indicator located on the handlebar – it displays realtime speed , distance, and long lasting lithium-ion battery.

Longer battery takes 4-6 hours to recharge .

Expensive , but easily the best electric bike for long distance .

Tons of positive buyer reviews online!


4. Daphome FIIDO D2 Ebike

The new Daphome FIIDO D2 ebike is the best new release uk electric bike.

It comes equipped with 250W built-in motor with speed up to 30 km/hr and good travel distance.

Pricing: Medium

Distance: 40 km

Daphome FIIDO D2 ebike weighs only 19.5 kg making it one of the lightest folding electric scooters.

Buyers love the new battery life indicator located on the handlebar – it shows you the realtime speed, distance, & battery life.

As a UK e-bike it comes with new 6-speed transmission and fast recharge.

Overall the best UK electric bike under £600 .

5. Cyrusher Electric Bike UK

The Cyrusher XF770 electric bike is built for high-speed users.

It’s expensive, but includes top features such as 27 speeds, full suspension fork and 3 levels of pedal assistance.

Distance: 55 – 88 km

Speed: 40 kph

Weight: 23 kg

The 7-speed Shimano M370 transmission system makes it easy to shift speeds.

Includes 3 modes of operation:

power-throttle, pedal assisted & push cycling pedal

As one of the newer UK electric bikes it comes with a front LED dashboard with all the relevant metrics – distance, speed, battery remaining, and gear.

Expensive, but has good UK buyer reviews.

6. Volt Electric Bike UK Reviews

The Volt electric bike is a true long-distance E-Bike, perfect for road or country trails.

As you can see, it has a modern, stylish design — it appears like a typical bicycle because the battery sits behind the seat frame, near the back-wheel.

Distance: 95 – 130 km

Max Speed: 25 kph (15.5 mph)

Bike Motor: 250W

For its size, the Volt Pulse Electric Bike comes equipped with a 36v Panasonic Lithium Polymer Battery that is ideal for long distance travel.

Super lightweight, especially for an ebike — the frame weighs only 21.6 kg.

The pedal assistance can easily be set using the controls located on the handle bar —  Also includes LCD monitor showing you all the vital info:

distance traveled, speed, journey time, and battery life 

Volt Pulse Electric Bike is one of the most popular in the UK.

7. Ancheer Electric Bike UK Reviews

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is a super lightweight, folding bike that’s made to be portable.

Designed with 26-inch tires and 6 magnesium alloy spokes, it’s a good lightweight UK electric bike  — buyers say it is the best for outdoor camping.

Distance: 20 – 50 km

Shimano: 21 speed shifter

Speed: 25 km

Weight: 25 kg

Tires are also anti-slip resistant, built for any surface:

city streets, gravel or dirt roads, sand, city streets, etc.

For power it is equipped with a 250W motor and 36V 8Ah rechargeable battery. The only downside is that it takes 4-6 hours to recharge.

Lots of positive buyer reviews.

8. Cyrusher Electric Bike Review

The Cyrusher Electric Bike is the most popular fat tire electric bike online.

What makes it unique are the tires — 26-inches in diameter and 4-inches thick tires.

Travel Range: 40 – 88 km

Ebike Speed: 37 kph

Charging: 5 – 7 hours

Cyrusher EBike is designed as a mountain bike (dirt or gravel roads), but can be used on any surface.

Buyers love the anti-skid tires — they provide extra traction on un-stable surfaces (such as snow or sand). Buyers say it’s a huge benefit when riding in wet/slippery conditions.

Includes new Shimano 7-gear shifting system with 21-speeds.

For power it includes a 1000W motor and 48V 12Ah removable battery.

Good buyer reviews with medium price tag.

9. NCM Electric Bike UK Reviews

The NCM Moscow is a German engineered, 250W electric bike with a 48V battery.

It offers smooth-shifting and noiseless operation.

Ebike Speed: 25 kph

Distance: 50 – 120 km

Weight: 28 kg

The 7-gear Shimano transmission offers 21-speeds with top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

Power assisted travel allows up to 120 km on a single battery charge — for battery only operation, buyers have traveled 50-70 km.

The NCM Moscow is larger than others on my list, but is fairly lightweight due to its aluminum frame — in total weighs 28 kilograms.

One of the best electric mountain bikes in UK.

10. Ancheer Electric Bike Review

The Ancheer Power Plus Mountain Bike is a top rated electric bike worldwide.

It comes equipped with a 36V 8Ah removable battery and 250W motor.

Travel Range: 24 – 48 km

Max Speed: 24 kph

Pricing: Affordable

There are 2 working modes — full electric operation or assisted which lets you operate the battery while pedaling. This significantly increases the speed and extends the battery life.

Includes 21-speed Shimano transmission system + LED headlamp and horn (for night riding).

Using the handle meter, you can increase or decrease bike speed with the press of a button — gear controls are located on the handlebar for easy access.

Affordable price and tons of positive buyer reviews online.

** I will add #10 best e-bike UK soon! Please stay tuned!

Best Electric Bike UK

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