Top 10 Best Water Coolers | 2022 Consumer Review Guide

Top 10 Best Water Coolers | 2022 Consumer Review Guide

Best Water Cooler Dispenser.

Compared to other types of home water filters, a water dispenser machine is the least likely to contain contaminated drinking water. It is basically a budget-friendly way of drinking bottled water at home.

Today’s models include everything from hot water to seltzer – some dispensers will even let you adjust the water temp to your liking!

With so many different types, sizes and brands we made a list of the best ones available online.

#1.)  Brio Water Dispenser Review#2.)  Whirlpool Bottom Loading Cooler#3.)  Primo Water Cooler Dispenser Station#4.)  Honeywell Freestanding Water Cooler#5.)  Whirlpool Self Cleaning Dispenser#6.) Primo Bottom Load Cooler Dispenser#7.)  Whirlpool Active Water Cooler#8.) Coming soon!

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#1.) Brio Essential Water Dispenser

The Brio Essential series is perfect for 3-5 person families .

Whenever you’re using a water cooler, the last few drops fall in the drip tray. If this is not removed, it will start to corrode.

Not a prob with the Brio Essential though! Removable drip tray  you can drain and reuse , provides a sanitary and easy-to-clean feature that helps prolong the life of your water dispenser and keep it in a peak condition.

I think the Brio is one of the best water coolers when it comes to offering 3 water options: ice cold, room temperature, and hot

The hot water switch has a child safety lock to protect any accidents from happening.


  • Sizes: 3 or 5 gallon
  • Adjustable 3 water temps
  • Child safety lock
  • Bottom-loading
  • Empty bottle indicator
  • LED night light
  • Removable drip tray

Potential Flaws

  • Little louder than other water dispensers

#2.) Whirlpool Bottom Loading Water Cooler

With a vibrant look and metal finish, this water dispenser will fit into any space – office, home or anywhere else you decide to place it.

A large piece of ice cools the water, producing water of 41°F, while the hot water is kept at 194°F, ready to be used as you need.

Using Whirlpool’s upgraded bottom loading technology , a water siphon sucks up the remaining water in the bottle, preventing unpleasant taste. A Resource SaverTM switch allows you to turn the hot water off if you don’t use it, saving you energy and water at the same time.

This specific Whirlpool cooler is commercial — but it’s not crazy expensive & should be considered as one of the best water coolers for home. Great for larger family households!


  • Cold water temp:  41°F
  • Hot water temp:   194°F
  • Two size options: 3 or 5 gallon
  • Includes self-cleaning mode
  • Bottom loading
  • ** Perfect for families of 5+

Potential Flaws

  • Water pipe doesn’t go to the bottom of the bottle

#3.) Primo Water Cooler Dispenser

What Primo offers to its users is versatility and functionality to anyone who buys it.

It can take either 3 gallons or 5 gallons water bottles, so you’re not limited to using just one.

Maintenance time is minimal due to self-cleaning parts, saving you more time and effort.

And, what I most like is that it’s a pet-friendly water dispenser. There is a pet bowl that can be placed on either side of the water dispenser to provide your pet with fresh water.

Water won’t be released unless the bowl is in place, so you don’t bear the risk of leakages or flooding. Now your pets can also have clean and fresh water anytime!

** It’s the ideal water dispenser for households for cats or dogs


  • 3 different water temperatures
  • 2 sizes: 3 or 5 gallon
  • Multi-step reverse osmosis process
  • Includes self-cleaning mode
  • Pet Station
  • Primo coupons included
  • Cheaper than other water dispensers

Potential Flaws

  • Some plastic parts can break

#4.) Honeywell Freestanding Water Cooler

Honeywell makes very few water coolers, but looks like they’re starting to build a range of products.

The one thing you get with this water dispenser that you won’t find in other water dispensers is a 1-year limited warranty. You will be sure that you will get a high-quality dispenser, worth the money you spend.

Users also praise the amazing 24/7 customer support Honeywell offers. If you ever struggle with your water dispenser, you can call Honeywell and they will be glad to help you with anything.

By purchasing it, you get an energy-star rated dispenser, so you can reduce the amount of energy you spend, and with it, your electricity bills.


  • 3 different water temperatures
  • 2 size options: 3 and 5 gallon
  • Bottom-loading
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • 5 LED function indicators
  • Removable drip tray

Potential Flaws

  • Can be a little noisy

#5.) Whirlpool Water Dispenser Machine

The Whirlpool Water Dispenser is one of the favorites online.

It refrigerates purified water, but as a dual dispenser provides hot water up to 194-degrees.

Self-cleaning system, unstable oxygen is released into the tank that kills and dismembers bacteria and viruses — better water without you having to change filters. 

LED light indicator tells you the current water temp and water quality.

Good reviews and fair price.


  • Cold water temp:  41°F
  • Hot water temp:  194°F
  • 3-gallon or 5-gallon water bottles capacity
  • Includes self-cleaning mode
  • Hot and cold water power switch
  • 5 LED function indicators
  • Energy star rated
  • 1-year warranty

Potential Flaws

  • Very expensive!

#6.) Primo Bottom Load Water Dispenser

The Primo water dispenser act as a reverse osmosis system.

Multiple stage water filtration system works to purify water of bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants.

As a water dispenser it includes three water temperatures – you can set it using the control panel on the front.

Buyers also like that it is a bottom loading dispenser. It’s very easy to remove and insert new jugs.

Fair price and good buyer reviews.

#7.) Whirlpool Bottom Load Water Cooler

Like other Whirlpool water dispensers, this one is a bottom-load option.

Thanks to multiple LED indicator lights that let you know what exactly is happening inside the dispenser. You will keep track of when it’s self-cleaning , the level of water temperature, and when the water bottle is near empty.

Positive reviews pile up on Amazon and users around the country warmly recommend using Whirlpool water cooler.


  • Cold water temp:  41°F
  • Hot water temp:  194°F
  • 2 size options:
    • 3-gallons
    • 5-gallons
  • Self-cleaning with unstable oxygen
  • LED function indicators
  • Energy star rated

Potential Flaws

  • LED lights can’t be switched off

** I’ll be adding #8-10 Best Water Coolers soon! Stay tuned!

Best Water Cooler Dispensers for Home

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