Top 6 Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK

Top 6 Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK

Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK.

With so many cordless blowers, finding the right one for your home shouldn’t be difficult.

For homeowners who aren’t looking for the cheapest model possible – and are willing to spend over £100 for a high-end cordless leaf blower online, I created a shortlist of our favorites.

We rated these blowers based on features, performance, price-value (vs. similar leaf blowers), and buyer reviews online.

Prices range from, £99 – £229.

  • DeWalt DCM562P1-GB Blower
  • Husqvarna HUS525BX Leaf Blower
  • Tacklife 40V Leaf Blower
  • Makita DUB362Z Cordless Blower
  • Worx Brushless Leaf Blower
  • Toro Ultra Plus Electric Blower
  • The Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK

    #1.) DeWalt DCM562P1-GB Blower

    DeWalt DCM562P1-GB is the best cordless leaf blower for homeowners .

    New ergonomic design , it’s a hyper-lightweight brushless blower that weighs only 3.2 kg .

    Operation: 18 mins

    Air Speed: 145 km/h

    Pricing: Medium

    Buyers like its quiet operation vs. other cordless blowers.

    They also love that the DeWalt DCM562P1-GB is a true battery leaf blower . No effort required!

    No pulling – simple push button ignition !

    Includes variable speed throttle and cruise control for homeowners. Anti-vibration handle , makes it usable for mostly anyone.

    I think the DeWalt DCM562P1-GB is the best cordless blower in terms of price value .


    #2.) Husqvarna HUS525BX Leaf Blower

    Husqvarna HUS525BX is the best cordless leaf blower for homeowners .

    Super lightweight with gripped handle and controls are super user-friendly – simple enough for anyone to operate!

    Speed: 86 m/s

    Weight: 4.3 kg

    Pricing: Medium

    Most unique feature is its noiseless performance .

    It comes equipped with a high torque, brushless motor that increases efficiency.

    The axial fan design is the secret to its quiet performance ~ muffles the engine and lessens the vibration, making it easier for long durations .

    Husqvarna HUS525BX includes cruise control feature and emission-free operation .

    Affordable cordless blower with lots of good reviews !


    #3.) TACKLIFE Leaf Blower Review

    TACKLIFE leaf blower is a gas-equivalent, electric leaf blower.

    It features five speed settings – you can adjust speed with the trigger on the handle . This feature is what makes the Tacklife the best cordless leaf blower for user-friendliness.

    Speeds: 5 settings

    Air Speed: 180 km/h

    Price: Affordable

    The Tacklife 40V blower offers air speed up to 180 km/h, and air velocity up to 710 m ³.

    As an electric powered leaf blower, it’s similar power vs. some gas-powered blowers. The upside is the affordable price tag and zero emissions .

    TACKLIFE leaf blower is also lightweight only 4 kg !

    Lastly, buyers appreciate its simple push-button ignition . No pulling required.

    Newer model, but so far good reviews online .


    #4.) Makita DUB362Z Blower Review

    The Makita cordless leaf blower offers the longest run-time on my list.

    It’s one of the most powerful cordless blowers – it comes  with 18V LXT batteries (36V) for double the battery life .

    Battery: 28 minute

    Air Speed: 193 km/h

    Pricing: Medium

    Includes a six stage air volume with dial speed control – super efficient for large lawns .

    The upgraded design provides lower noise with emissions-free operation . Brushless motor removes carbon brushes and operates at a cooler temp

    Makita DUB362Z is a bit heavier , but it’s designed for larger yards .

    Good price as an extended-use cordless blower.


    #5.) Worx WG584E Leaf Blower

    The Worx cordless blower is the best new release in .

    It’s unique ergonomic design is built to be super lightweight and deliver peak air speed .

    Batteries: Two 20V Li-Ion

    Air Speed: 145 km/h

    Pricing: Expensive

    It’s the lightest cordless leaf blower on my list – weighs only 3 kg !

    Buyers confirm the Worx leaf blower is user-friendly for first-time users . The controls are near on the handle – easy to adjust speed , includes battery indicator lights , and access to turbo mode (CFM up to 470).

    Very good battery life as well.

    IMO, the Worx WG584E is the best leaf blower for medium or large yards .

    All buyers seem to be happy campers


    #6.) Toro Ultra Plus Electric Blower

    The Toro UltraPlus blower is more powerful than others on my list.

    As an electric leaf blower, the Toro is the best model for easy-start and operation.

    Air Speed: 250 MPH

    Air Velocity: 350 CFM

    Pricing: Affordable

    Below the handle there is an adjustable speed dial and speed-lock feature. Buyers also love the push-start ignition which makes it very for anyone to use.

    The Toro UltraPlus is a 3-in-1 blower :

    leaf blower, vacuum, and leaf shredding

    One of the downsides is that it is a little heavier at 5.35 kg .

    Lots of positive buyer reviews!


  • #1.) DeWalt DCM562P1-GB Blower
  • #2.) Husqvarna HUS525BX Leaf Blower
  • #3.) TACKLIFE Leaf Blower Review
  • #4.) Makita DUB362Z Blower Review
  • #5.) Worx WG584E Leaf Blower
  • #6.) Toro Ultra Plus Electric Blower