Top 6 Pioneer Mini Split Reviews Updated November 2022

Top 6 Pioneer Mini Split Reviews Updated November 2022

Pioneer Mini Split Reviews.

Owned by Parker Davis HVAC, the Pioneer brand has been a top producer of ductless mini split systems since 1995.

The first to offer direct to consumer pricing (without retail costs), Pioneer units are affordable and high-performing cooling units.

Below I reviewed the most popular Pioneer mini splits for home use.

Prices range, $699 – $3,899 .

  • Pioneer Ductless Mini Split
  • Pioneer Inverter AC & Heat Pump
  • Pioneer Mini Split Ceiling Cassette
  • Pioneer Ducted Mini Split
  • Pioneer Ceiling Cassette Mini Split
  • Pioneer 3 Zone Mini Split System
  • The Best Pioneer Mini Split Reviews

    #1.) Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Review

    The Pioneer mini split air conditioner with heat is a top rated, affordable model.

    Pioneer mini split system includes a remote control – easily adjust room temp from your bed or couch!

    Sizes: 9000 – 36000 BTU

    Price: Affordable

    Pioneer mini split systems can be upgraded to a smart ductless unit .

    Using your smartphone , you can control all the settings remotely ~ at home or anywhere with WiFi!

    Buyers love it for home , but it’s also a favorite for commercial use !

    schools, restaurants, garages, boutiques & shops

    Affordable price with lots of positive buyer reviews!

    #2.) Pioneer Inverter Mini Split Review

    The Pioneer Inverter AC and heat pump can be purchased as a floor or ceiling unit .

    Sizes: 9000 – 24000 BTU

    Pricing: Medium

    Offered in multiple sizes with the 18,000 BTU being the most popular.

    Pioneer Inverter+ Cooling Power Room Size EfficiencyFYB009GMFI9,000 BTU350 sq. ft.20 SEERFYB012GMFI12,000 BTU450 sq. ft.20 SEERUYB018GMFI18,000 BTU650 sq. ft.20 SEERUYB024GMFI24,000 BTU900 sq. ft.20 SEERUYB036GMFI30,000 BTU1350 sq. ft.16.5 SEERUYB048GMFI36,000 BTU1800 sq. ft.17.8 SEER

    Buyers say it’s good at cooling larger areas , especially rooms with high ceilings or homes with an open layout.

    Inverter compressor will automatically adjust cooling speed to maintain a consistent temperature — lower energy consumption by 10-20%.

    Another feature buyers love is the whisper-quiet operation .

    The AC Compressor is mounted outside which keeps the noise level down.

    Compared to other models, this Pioneer mini split ac is fairly quiet.

    Pioneer AC unit is popular for living rooms + basements.

    #3.) Pioneer Ceiling Cassette Split

    The Pioneer Ceiling Cassette is a durable, high-powered mini split unit.

    It is one of the most powerful on the market ~ it can cool (or heat) large rooms within 10-minutes .

    Multiple sizes available:

    Pioneer CYB Cooling Power Room Size EfficiencyCYB009GMFI 9,000 BTU350 sq. ft.20 SEERCYB012GMFI12,000 BTU450 sq. ft.21.5 SEERCYB018GMFI18,000 BTU650 sq. ft.20 SEERCYB024GMFI24,000 BTU900 sq. ft.20 SEERCYB036GMFI36,000 BTU1,350 sq. ft.17.5 SEERCYB048GMFI48,000 BTU1,800 sq. ft.16.8 SEER

    To keep it more affordable, the Pioneer Cassette includes washable filters. It is suggested you wash every 6-12 months — it helps improve air quality, but also helps make it more energy efficient.

    Filters require cold water and a little scrub ~ buyers say residue washes right off!

    Expensive Pioneer AC model, but has very good buyer reviews.

    #4.) Pioneer Air Conditioner Mini Split Review

    This Pioneer AC system includes an inverter compressor for maintaining consistent temp .

    Instead of having to restart it completely, the air compressor will continuously operate which helps make it energy efficient .

    As a Pioneer mini split ac heat pump, it’s a good option for areas that require constant heating or cooling :

    basements, elderly homes, schools, barbershops, restaurants, bars, etc.

    It is available in multiple sizes.

    Pioneer WYS Split Heat Pump Cooling PowerWYS009-179,000 BTU9,000 BTU / HrWYS012-1712,000 BTU / Hr12,000 BTU / HrWYS018-1718,000 BTU / Hr18,000 BTU / HrWYS024-1724,000 BTU / Hr24,000 BTU / HrWYS030-1730,000 BTU / Hr30,000 BTU / HrWYS036-1736,000 BTU / Hr36,000 BTU / Hr

    Buyers like that it produces minimal sound when it operating.

    Perfect for living rooms or offices!

    Lots of positive buyer reviews with medium price tag .

    #5.) Pioneer Ceiling Cassette Review

    This Pioneer AC ceiling cassette is an energy efficient system for heating and cooling larger areas.

    Instead of turning on and off, the Pioneer Cassette mini split stays balanced.

    Little different design which makes it ideal for consistent cooling for long hours – it is ideal for medium size households.

    The Pioneer mini split ceiling cassette can run all weekend without worry.

    Good option for common rooms such as basements or living rooms.

    Downside ~ it can take a little more time to cool large rooms.

    #6.) Pioneer 3 Zone Mini Split Review

    The Pioneer 3 zone mini split is an affordable option for heating and cooling multiple rooms.

    Includes full Pioneer DIY installation kit , but requires two people for install. Buyers say it is a little bulky/heavy which is why it requires at least 2 people for installation.

    Pioneer 3 zone mini split is the most popular, but is offered in additional units:

    Pioneer AC Heat Pump Mini Split Cooling Heat PumpPioneer 2 ZoneWYS020GMHI22M24197 – 19900 BTU2225 – 23475 BTUPioneer 3 ZoneWYS030GMHI22M36630 – 30600 BTU3690 – 32860 BTUPioneer 4 ZoneWYS040GMHI22M48190 – 38500 BTU4940 – 38000 BTUPioneer 5 ZoneWYS050GMHI22M59560 – 53500 BTU6850 – 53980 BTU

    The next popular unit is the Pioneer dual zone ac and heat pump system.

    Each ductless mini split includes its own individual remote control and washable filters.

    As a powerful heating and cooling unit, the Pioneer 3 zone ductless mini split is very quiet and a popular unit for large homes and businesses.

    If you are looking to outfit multiple rooms, this Pioneer multi zone mini split is an affordable option.

    Best Pioneer Mini Split Reviews

    As we approach the end of summer, mini split air conditioner with heat pumps will increase in demand.

    Pioneer mini splits are ideal because o affordable and high-functioning — many include the heat pump system and LED remote control for setting exact temperatures.

    Buyers confirm the Pioneer Mini Split systems are easy to install, but will require two people.

    Overall, the Pioneer air conditioner and heat pump systems are high-powered, affordable units for home or commercial use.

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