Top 7 Interior designers in Miami that will spark you imagination

This is a story with a happy ending…Pepe is a self-taught designer. His mentor, Richard Levine, an architect, had the greatest influence on his work from the start. Pepe worked hard, followed his dreams and accomplished all that you can see today.Pepe Calderin Design is a Miami-based company with a satellite office in New York.Next to Pepe, who is Founder and CEO, there is also one creative team of few talented designers, photographers and managers who work on his exquisite projects.Pepe’s design firm has 20 years of experience in design. Their work has been recognized and awarded several times.Pepe Calderin is famous for his intimate connection with clients. In fact, the most important thing is to understand the client’s needs, and in that, his team is the best.Their projects are luxurious, modern and eclectic with astonishing details. The client’s imagination and the designer’s creative experience are equally involved in creating a dynamic space.Because of their innovative approach to all projects this thriving company is certainly one of the most successful in Miami.

Brown Davis Interiors write the new rules of classicism

Designer Tod Davis and designer and colourist Rob Brown 1994. merged their visions into one business venture and founded a company that operates at a high-profile level. The firm has a location on 1111 Lincoln Road complex on Miami Beach, which speaks enough about their success.Do you know who has designed two residences for President and Secretary of State Clinton? Yes, your answer is correct, Brown and Davis are responsible for this project.This firm offers multiple services: architectural, landscape and interior design.Inspired by classic architecture and extraordinary craftsmanship this team is fusing elegant forms with modern American style. Brown and David are splashing the classic with new colors They also brought light and interesting pieces of furniture in homes and residences. Harmony is their middle name. We will not exaggerate if we say that their creations look like a dream come true.

Get inspired by DKOR Interiors

It’s maybe because they’re all women in this team… but there is something so special and gentle in their interiors.If you plan to decorate and want for your home to become a sophisticated, cozy but still a modern shelter, look no further…DKOR Interiors offers exactly that, a dream house of refined sensibility which is a true reflection of your aesthetic vision.It is up to you to declare your vision of the ideal home, your needs and to determine the budget that the design team has …Contact them, make an appointment and see if you can agree about the terms.If we tried to describe pictures of their interiors with words, it would look like this: ….earthy tones with a touch of soft greyish blue, little bits of metallic and gold in details, sophisticated, elegant, light, natural ambience with details like woven and wicker lamps and baskets… Strong but gentle space…

Vincenzo Avanzato

Avanzato design is bold, fluid and elegant. For over twenty years Vincenzo Avanzato has been making bespoke luxury. Modern and traditional, in one word transitional design is his trademark. Vincenzo’s knowledge and experience are an ideal mix for making the dream house.In his projects, we feel a commitment to detail and perfection, but still, the interiors are entirely customized to your needs. Your wishes are in the first place whether you are opening a Mediterranean-style restaurant or want to furnish the lobby of a luxury hotel or just renovate your bedroom.

Alene Workman creates masterpieces

Fearless design is their trademark. Innovation is their middle name. Every room they created looks like a work of art. It’s not just a timeless luxury, there is something else, something like a silent whisper, breathable beauty which flows around the walls.With 25 years of experience, multi-award-winning firm  Alene Workman Interior Design became an industry leader and inspiration for others. Imagination, talent and hard work made this company one of the most successful in the world.What is specific about their design is playing with various geometric shapes, special attention is paid to the lighting of the rooms, the details are amazing…They don’t like to follow trends and their process is more oriented towards combining different styles, colors and materials in order to achieve a perfectly harmonious space. In other words, it’s the perfect blend of extraordinary details wrapped in walls and floors that have stunning textures, it’s always some brave choice…

B Pila design studio is different than the others

They believe that design of a room is all about the freedom and expression of your own personality. Bea’s philosophy is that fun and luxury can live together, that’s why her eclectic approach loves colour, unexpected shapes, lamps, bold paintings on the walls…B.Pila Studio is innovative and creative like no other. For them furniture is art. Every piece must be unique and with a soul. Their creations are unforgettable and unique.B.Pila Studio site is very nice and well organized. In this place, you’ll certainly find the inspiration you are looking for. The content is innovative, provides a lot of information and you can even find specific editing tips like 7 steps to design enlightenment:

  • Explore, look within yourself and find inspiration…
  • Dream big and find a way to accomplish your dreams…
  • Inspiration – determine how you want to live and let that be your guide
  • Create! Let’s get to work and develop a plan…
  • Personalize your idea
  • Beautify with nice furniture and details
  • Realisation!
  • Jay Britto and David Charette

    Britto Charette design studio loves to bring a fusion of fashion and art and something glamorous.They are famous for luxurious and high-end residential interiors. We can freely say that their design is more masculine, dominated by pure forms and colors such as blue, white and grey. The rooms are airy and not overwhelmed with unnecessary details.These award-winning, Miami based designers are famous for modern and unusual designs and bright interiors with a touch of glamour.

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