Top 8 Best Electric Dog Fences | 2022 Consumer Review Guide

Top 8 Best Electric Dog Fences | 2022 Consumer Review Guide

Best Electric Dog Fence Review.

Newest generation of electric dog fences come with advanced features:  harmless static zap collars, boundary controls + multiple warning zones

WiFi Electric Dog Fences

#1.) Extreme Electric Dog Fence Review#2.) Wireless Electric Dog Fence System#3.) PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Fence#4.) Extreme Wireless Dog Fence#5.) SportDOG In-Ground Fence System#6.) Extreme Max Wireless Dog Fence#7.) PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence#8.) Coming soon!

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Best Electric Dog Fence Wireless

#1 Pick: Extreme Electric Dog Fence Review

The Extreme electric dog fence is made for homes with large yards.

It can be programmed with 1-5 dog collars – the collar transmitter covers up to 25 acres!

You can choose from seven different zap settings. Extreme electric dog fence has a waterproof transmitter and Wire Checker that lets you test in snow or rain.

Buyers love the wiring quality and easy installation.

Expensive, but one of the best electric dog fences for large yards.

#2.) Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence

Wireless Combo Electric Fence is the most affordable on my list + comes with 2 receiver collars.

Includes rechargeable training collars – no need to worry about changing batteries!

Model comes with 492 ft. of wire + 10 boundary width settings.

What I like is that the collar will start beeping as your dog nears edge + if crossed, it will trigger a light harmless static shock.

Medium price with good buyer reviews.

#3.) PetSafe YardMax Electric Dog Fence

PetSafe YardMax Electric Dog Fence the receivers are waterproof + rechargeable collar.

Option of five different shock levels with beeping for warning. Beeping increases as they near the electric fence.

Includes 500 ft. of 20-gauge wire — there’s a few options to upgrade size, but this size has the most reviews.

Some mixed buyer reviews — some say it’s very easy to install, others had some difficulty. Once installed it creates a solid boundary (including driveways).

One of the best electric dog fences for any age dog.

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#4.) Extreme Electric Dog Fence

Extreme Basic Dog Fence is one of the most affordable options.

It comes with 500 ft. of wire (half an acre) with the option to expand to up to 6 acres.

2nd Gen. model has multiple warning zones — using the settings, you can control the warning zones with 1-5 static signals + 6-7 progressive alerts.

Includes 20-gauge copper wire which can be buried 2-3 inches.

Buyers say it performs well + love the receiver’s long battery life.

#5.) SportDOG Electric Dog Fence

SportDOG electric dog fence comes with anti-linger function.

When your dog approaches the boundary, the receiver will begin slowly beeping (helps prevent your dog from crossing over)

Convenient indicator alerts you when to replace the receiver’s battery.

Waterproof collar comes with 4 correction settings and 1000 ft. of 20-gauge wire.

Fence system is very dependable in heavy rain, snow or extreme heat — Surge protection system prevents it from being damaged by lightning.

High customer satisfaction rating + one of the more affordable electric dog fences on my list.

#6.) Extreme Dog Fence Max

The Extreme Dog Fence Max is the best electric dog fence available.

Expensive, but it comes with 1000 ft. of 16-gauge wire. (which includes a surge protector)

Like other extreme electric dog fences, this model can be expanded to up to 4 acres of coverage. Additional collar receivers can be secured to as many as 1-5 dogs .

It has lots of positive buyer reviews — many note how easy it is to install!

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#7.) PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is a good mid-price option.

Designed to secure ¾ of an acre, the PetSafe is portable — take it with you camping and easily install if you move homes.

PetSafe comes with rechargeable collar (charges in 2-3 hours) + provides up to 3 weeks of battery life.

Buyers say it’s easy to install + works well with both large or small homes.

Medium price with good buyer reviews.

** I’ll be adding #8 best wireless dog fence soon! Stay tuned!

Best Electric Dog Fences Wireless

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