Top 8 Best Electric Skateboards Reviews

Top 8 Best Electric Skateboards Reviews

Best Electric Skateboard Reviews.

Today’s electric skateboards are super high-performing and affordable.

You can expect faster speeds up to 25 mph and travel distance up to 31 miles!

Below I listed what I think are the best electric skateboards this year – I rated them on price, speed, control, distance and features. Many have very positive buyer reviews too!

E-skateboard prices range, $249 – $499

Best electric skateboard reviews

#1.) Teamgee H5 Review

The Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard comes with dual motors giving it top speed.

Max Speed: 22 mph

Distance: 11 miles

Pricing: Medium

One of the interesting design features is that the battery is concealed inside the deck — In spite of that, the board is very thin and looks like a regular kick skateboard.

Skateboard deck is constructed from layers of ply maple + glass fiber.

It’s one of the faster charging skateboards – only 2 hours for charge + can travel 11-miles 

Buyers love that the battery is concealed too.

Medium price with lots of positive buyer reviews!


#2.) Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Skateboarders with the need for speed will appreciate the Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard!

It can go 20 mph and can travel a good distances when fully charged.

Max Speed: 20 mph

Distance: 20 miles

Pricing: Medium

Buyers say the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard is the best for commuters because of its long distance and high speed.

The skateboard battery also charges in less than 2-hours. Perfect commuting to school or work.

Downside – it’s very expensive.

If you have the budget, the Boosted Mini X is the one you want!


#3.)  TOMOLOO Hoverboard Reviews

The TOMOLOO hoverboard is a medium price Hoverboard/Skateboard.

It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular online — so far it’s gotten very high buyer ratings.

As you can see it’s a hybrid between a skateboard + hoverboard — it’s fairly quick at 15.5 mph with distance of 11-miles .

One of the things that the TOMOLOO special is the removable battery.  Since it’s a little heavy, I think it’s great that you can detach to charge inside (which takes 3.5 hours to charge )

Battery is also waterproof making it great for driveways in the winter time.

Remote control lets you control backwards or forward movement — also enables skateboarders to change gears.

There’s also a  built-in LED light   (a good safety feature for traffic visibility an night!)


#4.) BLITZART Longboard Review

The BLITZART electric skateboard has 350W motor and max speed of 17 MPH.

Includes a lithium-ion battery that charges in only 2 hours (one of the fastest charging skateboards on my list!)

Max Speed: 17 mph

Distance: 6-8 miles

Pricing: Medium

Skateboard also comes with a new Regenerative Braking feature — when going downhill, the brakes produce energy which is re-stored in the battery (giving your battery longer usage)

Skateboard is covered in anti-slip grip tape, which helps prevent skateboarders from losing their footing. Nice safety feature for riding downhill.

Deck made of maple + bamboo — designed to support up to 250 lbs.

One of the most affordable electric skateboards on my list — many buyers say it’s great for daily commuting!


#5.)  Evolve GT Skateboard Review

The Evolve GT Electric Skateboard is the most powerful on my list.

Top speed of 26 mph and battery can reach 31-miles on a single charge.

 Best Electric Skateboard for Max Speed

Model is made of carbon fiber and kevlar, making it extremely durable.

Buyers like how sturdy the board is while riding downhill or on a slope.

Remote control lets you choose between 4 speeds + tells you how much battery life is left.

It’s one of the newer models so not a ton of reviews.


#6.)  Teamgee Motorized Penny Skateboard

You can reach speeds of 18.5 mph with the Teamgee pennyboard.

It takes only 2-hours for full battery recharge.

Pennyboard deck is made of ply maple wood + ply glass fiber. It’s designed to hold up to 220 pounds and lets you easily change speed while riding.

As you can see, the pennyboard has unique design — California style?

Depending on your weight, you can travel up to 10-miles on a full charge .

Remote control lets you easily control the settings — start/stop, speed, and brakes

Another new model. Positive buyer reviews so far!


#7.) VOKUL Cruiser Electric Skateboard

** FYI – brand names differ by country

One of the coolest features of the VOKUL Skateboard takes only 1.5 hours to charge giving it 10-miles of power.

Designed with a 350W motor giving max speed 13 mph.

Max Speed: 13 mph

Distance: 10 miles

Handheld remote control shows users how much battery life is left. It also gives skateboarders the ability to adjust the board speed or put it in reverse.

Most affordable electric skateboard on my list, but it still had a very high customer satisfaction rating.

Buyers love the fact that the board arrived fully charged + fully assembled


** I’ll be adding #8 best electric Skateboards soon! Stay tuned!

Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

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