Top 8 Best Smart Sprinklers

Top 8 Best Smart Sprinklers

Best Smart Sprinkler Review .

 #1 Top Pick:  Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler System

Rachio is a WiFi smart sprinkler  controlled through the mobile app or Alexa voice-control .

It comes with 8 watering zones to meet your needs.

This smart sprinkler can even create its own sprinkling schedule (based on your plants specific needs)

New feature:  tell Rachio which type of plants you’re watering — Rachio will auto adjust the schedule according to their needs (less maintenance for you!)

Another lovable feature is that it will auto check weather reports + adjust schedule  if needed. (** why waste water when it’s supposed to rain!)

Buyers love that it’s easy to install + easy maintenance

Although one of the more expensive options, personally I think it’s worth the price.

#2.) Netro Sprinkler Controller System

Netro is a Smart Sprinkler with voice control and mobile app functionality.

There’s a few options, but the 12 zone appears to be the most popular.

What I like about the Netro is that it creates its own schedule  — auto constructs the schedule based on historical weather + forecast

Comes with 12 zones — water up to 12 different areas of the yard .

Affordable smart sprinkler option and high customer satisfaction rating.

Buyers say it’s easy to install + easy to command with the mobile app

#3.) Orbit B-Hyve Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler

Orbit smart sprinkler comes in 12 or 6 stations .

Like other smart sprinklers, Orbit creates the best watering schedule based on weather forecasts.

Also inform Orbit which types of plants you are watering + sunlight needed. It’ll auto create a schedule based on that info!

Orbit reduces water usage, while ensuring your plants thrive. Buyers say it’s easy to install.

** One of the most affordable smart sprinklers on my list

#4.) Rachio Smart Sprinkler Review

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler is the most water efficient on my list

It’s tested to reduce water by 30% !

Like the other Rachio sprinklers — easily customize your watering schedule for 8 different zones (weather patterns + daily forecasts).

It works with Alexa voice + mobile app for scheduling.

Buyers say this smart sprinkler is easy to install + easy to use.

#5.) Aeon Matrix Yardian Sprinkler with Camera

Aeon Sprinkler is EPA WaterSense Certified, conserving water use by as much as 50%

What’s unique is the built-in HD security camera (a bonus feature, you can keep an eye on your home when you’re away!)

Another bonus feature includes a built-in surge protection system — it’s designed to follow the watering schedule even if the WiFi is down.

You can set up 24 watering schedules for each of the 8 watering zones.

Also comes with option to automate the schedule (based on plant needs + weather forecast)

#6.) Smart Irrigation Sprinkler System

NxEco is weather aware, has EPA WaterSense, and can be connected via WiFi (with the mobile app)

Control up to 12 zones + customize the schedule for each type of plant you’re watering (option to expand up to 36 zones)

It’s very easy to operate using your smartphone.

Lots of positive buyer reviews + comes with customer service for installing

Also helps that it’s one of the  most affordable smart sprinklers on my list!

#7.) Rachio Lawn Sprinkler System (16ZULW-B)

Rachio lets you manage your watering needs for up to 16 zones – ideal option if you have a large yard or wide variety of plants .

Like other Rachio smart sprinkler models, it will adjust your watering schedule if it’s windy or raining to prevent wasted water.

System meets EPA WaterSense guidelines + promises to better water conservation.

Easy to operate through Alexa, or a smartphone app.

Although the most expensive smart sprinkler on my list, it has the 2nd highest customer satisfaction rating.

** I’ll be adding #8 best smart sprinklers soon. Stay tuned!

Best Smart Sprinkler Review

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