Top 8 Simplehuman Trash Can Review | 2022 Consumer Review Guide

Top 8 Simplehuman Trash Can Review | 2022 Consumer Review Guide

Simplehuman Trash Can Reviews.

Simplehuman has seen skyrocketing demand for their beautiful looking trash bins.

Part of their appeal is their ease-of-use. Many of their garbage bins include motion sensors – they open and close automatically!

Their clean, crisp aesthetic have made them popular among businesses and consumers alike.

Below is my list of the best Simplehuman trash cans online.

Prices range from $89 to $249 .

  • Simplehuman Dual Compartment
  • Simplehuman Dual Compartment Sensor Can
  • Simplehuman 45L Trash Can
  • SimpleHuman Semi Round Trash Can
  • SimpleHuman Step Trash Can
  • The Best Simplehuman Trash Can Reviews

    #1.) Simplehuman Dual Compartment

    Simplehuman Dual Compartment trash is perhaps their most popular model.

    Rounded-rectangular shape, it has two areas for recycling and trash – the recycling is nearly 2x larger, making ideal for bottles.

    Price: Medium

    Size: 12.2 gallon (45l)

    Strong steel pedal is engineered for 150,000 steps making it super durable.

    Fingerprint-proof coating is another aesthetic-pleasing element.

    Trash bags are fitted for size and style. The liners are custom made to avoid leaks or tears & buckets inside are removable.

    Buyers say the Simplehuman Dual Compartment trash can is very easy to clean when needed.

    Good price with top buyer reviews.


    #2.) Simplehuman Dual Compartment Sensor Can

    Simplehuman Dual Compartment Can Recycler is a high-end model.

    Designed to impress, it is the best motion sensor garbage can with voice control.

    Price: Expensive

    Size: 15.3 gallon (58l)

    Built-in sensors are located in the front – as you pass by the lid will automatically open.

    Voice control is just as cool!

    Simply say open can and it will open – this is great for emptying a vacuum or cleaning plates.

    For voice or motion it stays open for 5-6 seconds before slowly closing.

    Simplehuman Dual Compartment includes custom fit liners, liner pocket and secure rim.

    Expensive, but good buyer reviews.


    #3.) Simplehuman 45L Trash Can

    This 12 gallon capacity, rectangular Simplehuman trash can is tall and compact, offering lots of space for trash without being bulky.

    All stainless steel exterior is available in several colors and finishes, from the trendy rose gold color to a classy dark bronze, to suit your personal taste.

    Nano-silver fingerprint-proof coating on the exterior is infused with nano-silver particles — these have antimicrobial properties as well as keeping fingerprints from smudging the outside of your trash can.

    Best Simplehuman Step Trash Can

    I like the sleek look of this model, and that there is no inner waste bucket to clean. Its winning feature, however, is a liner pocket neatly placed in the inner back to store trash liners so that a fresh trash liner is always at  your fingertips.

    Choose to use custom trash liners or use 13 gallon trash bags from any mainstream brand. Silent close lid and durable step pedal make this nice looking trash can easy to use!


    • Size: 12 gallon capacity
    • Tall and compact
    • Great color choices
    • Fingerprint proof
    • Nano-silver antimicrobial exterior
    • Unique liner pocket feature
    • Durable step pedal

    Potential Flaws

    • Colored exterior has the potential to chip or peel


    #4.) SimpleHuman Semi Round Trash Can

    This model offers a spacious, semi-round shape built to fit neatly against a wall or counter. It holds 16 gallons, making it a great choice for large families.

    In spite of its large interior capacity, its compact and sleek design is streamlined for maximum room for trash in minimum space. The smartly designed internal hinge will not scrape or scratch the wall behind it.

    Best Mid-Size Simplehuman Trash Can

    Wide, stainless steel step opens the trash lid with hands-free ease, and the interior liner rim holds custom trash liners in securely. I like that this model can use either the custom Simplehuman brand trash liners or regular 13 gallon trash bags.

    The stay open feature is convenient for cooking or cleaning up big messes. The easy to clean, stainless steel exterior is fingerprint-proof to keep your trash can looking spotless.


    • Size: 16 gallon capacity
    • Extra large interior
    • Fingerprint free stainless steel
    • Stay open feature
    • Silent close lid
    • Great for busy families
    • Internal hinge protects surrounding walls

    Potential Flaws

    • Some customers had issues with the lid getting stuck open


    #5.) SimpleHuman Step Trash Can

    The classic design of this 10 gallon rectangular Simplehuman trash can makes it a top choice for any home.

    This model doesn’t have a lot of extra frills or features, just a well-built, smartly designed product that will last for a long time in your home, even with daily use.

    Silent close lid and sturdy step-open lid are engineered for ease of use, and the lid’s hinge is hidden inside so as to not scrape or bump the wall each time the trash can opens and closes, even when it is placed right up against a wall!

    Sliding lever allows users to keep the lid open, which is handy for cleaning up messes or when cooking.

    Designed for use with custom trash liners, customers cite that regular tall kitchen garbage bags can also be used, which can be more affordable.

    I like that the brushed stainless steel exterior has a fingerprint-proof coating, keeping your trash can shiny and smudge-free.


    • Size: 10 gallon capacity
    • Great basic model
    • Stay open feature
    • Brushed stainless steel
    • Fingerprint free coating
    • Silent close lid
    • Removable inner bucket for easy cleaning

    Potential Flaws

    • Some customers had issues with the stainless steel rusting over time


    #6.) Simplehuman 46L Trash Can

    Simplehuman makes recycling simple with their Dual Compartment Recycler Trash Can, offering side by side compartments for trash and recycling.

    This model comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal taste and style, including black stainless steel, rose gold, white steel, and dark bronze. The stainless steel color has a Nano-silver coating that provides antimicrobial properties, helping to keep your trash can germ free.

    Silent close lid and wide steel pedal are engineered for ease of use, and built to last for years. A convenient liner pocket on the inside of the trash compartment stores custom trash liners so you will always have a clean one at the ready.

    I like that the recycling side has a lift-out bucket to easily empty into your larger recycling bin when it gets full.

    With all this model has to offer, I recommend this trash can to streamline the garbage and recycling disposal system in your home.


    • Size: 15.3 gallon capacity
    • Dual compartments for trash and recycling
    • Great color choices
    • Liner pocket feature
    • Silent close lid
    • Fingerprint free coating
    • Stainless steel has antimicrobial exterior

    Potential Flaws

    • Some customers found the trash side interior hard to clean


    #7.) Simplehuman Slim Trash Can

    Perfect for small kitchens or tight spaces, the Simplehuman Slim Step Trash Can provides a space-efficient, slim fit while still offering a 12 gallon interior.

    With a sleek, oval shape, this smartly designed trash can is available in several trendy colors and finishes, including rose gold, black, and dark bronze stainless steel. The interior is easy to clean with rounded corners and wipeable surfaces.

    This Simplehuman trash cans has a silent close lid that eases down gently, a durable step pedal to open the lid hands-free, and a fingerprint proof coating to keep your can fingerprint and smudge free.

    While custom trash liners are recommended, customers found that regular tall kitchen garbage bags fit very well. I like that Simplehuman provides a 10 year warranty with this and other models, which really speaks to the durability of their products.


    • Size: 12 gallon capacity
    • Great for small spaces
    • Space-efficient yet roomy
    • Great color choices
    • Silent close lid
    • Fingerprint free coating
    • Step pedal opens lid hands-free

    Potential Flaws

    • Some customers experienced issues with the lid not closing correctly


    #8.) SimpleHuman Open Trash Can

    The slim, space-efficient design of this Simplehuman trash can is perfect for tight spaces, so I recommend this model for small kitchens or any room with close quarters. In spite of its compact shape, it offers a generous 13 gallon capacity.

    Made for commercial use, such as in coffee shops or hotel lobbies, the heavy gauge stainless steel exterior is built to be incredibly sturdy and dent-resistant.

    Convenient side handles make it easy to move the trash can from place to place, and the rounded, open-top lid fits securely over the trash liner inside. Custom trash liners are recommended, but customers note that any tall kitchen garbage bag will fit nicely.

    Choose the color that best suits your taste, as this model is offered in several finishes from brass, dark bronze, rose gold, and brushed stainless steel with several accent colors available.


    • Size: 13 gallon capacity
    • Great for tight spaces
    • Great color choices
    • Commercial grade materials
    • Dent resistant stainless steel
    • Open-top lid
    • Convenient carry handles

    Potential Flaws

    • Does not have fingerprint proof coating


    #9.) SimpleHuman Bullet Trash Can

    Simplehuman’s Bullet Open Trash Can is a commercial grade trash receptacle, made from thick.

    Heavy gauge stainless steel that is dent-resistant and built to withstand heavy use.

    Made for use in restaurants, hotel lobbies, and other commercial spaces, it has a whopping 21.1 gallon capacity, making it perfect for use in busy households.

    Best Simplehuman Trash Can for Commercial Use

    Convenient carry handles make it easy to lift and move from place to place.

    Extra wide, open-top lid measuring 10.5 inches provides easy access for whatever you need to dispose of. The lid fits snugly atop the trash can, and rounded corners make it easy to clean.

    Available in brushed stainless steel, rose gold, and dark bronze finishes, these sleek-looking trash cans make a welcome addition to any kitchen decor.


    • Size: 21.1 gallon capacity
    • Commercial grade materials
    • Great for large households
    • Convenient carry handles
    • Great color choices
    • Extra wide open-top lid
    • Dent resistant stainless steel

    Potential Flaws

    • Does not have fingerprint proof coating



    Choosing a Simplehuman kitchen trash can for your home can be a tough choice because there are so many great options.

    The Simplehuman brand designs high quality, stylish garbage receptacles that are made to blend into the decor of your modern kitchen, and are built to last. Each one comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

    I’ve put together a list of my favorite top-rated Simplehuman trash cans, each with its own special features to help guide you toward purchasing the model that is best suited for your needs.

    Simplehuman trash cans are true household workhorses – holding large amounts of garbage with a tightly sealing lid to keep odors inside, and many offer a hands-free step pedal for easy opening.

    Their slick design and space-efficient garbage cans have made Simplehuman one of the fastest growing home brands in the USA and Canada.

    Best Simplehuman Trash Can Review

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  • #1.) Simplehuman Dual Compartment
  • #2.) Simplehuman Dual Compartment Sensor Can
  • #3.) Simplehuman 45L Trash Can
  • #4.) SimpleHuman Semi Round Trash Can
  • #5.) SimpleHuman Step Trash Can
  • #6.) Simplehuman 46L Trash Can
  • #7.) Simplehuman Slim Trash Can
  • #8.) SimpleHuman Open Trash Can
  • #9.) SimpleHuman Bullet Trash Can