Top 8 Space Heaters For Staying Warm

Top 8 Space Heaters For Staying Warm

Colder weather is setting in and it’s time to start thinking about keeping warm during the dark winter nights. There’s nothing better than settling in to watch a movie or series snuggled up under a blanket with the coziness of a warm room around you. Certainly, you don’t want to be shivering and cold as the icy blasts of winter roll in! It’s quite horrible to be shaking with cold in your room or office, hands slowly turning to blocks of ice – but this is a problem with an easy and affordable fix!

We’ve reviewed the Top 8 Space Heaters For Staying Warm and we’ve found a variety of models and styles for you to choose from. There’s sure to be something that will raise your temperature!

#8.) Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater (HCE200W)

This powerful little heater (1500 Watt) has 2 heat settings and an internal thermostat which help regulate the temperature and save energy. It uses ceramic heating technology . The cool touch settings mean you won’t have to worry about burning yourself on this heater – and you can safely use it around children too. Perfect for heating up small spaces, this heater is compact and modern. It will certainly fit into any home or office environment without looking out of place.  You could place it on your nightstand, on your desk, on a table – anywhere! Little personal heaters like this, and all the ones we are reviewing, help save you money because you only need to heat the room you are in! Plus, this model comes with a 3 year warranty – great!

  • Pros: compact, modern, heats up quickly
  • Cons: quite noisy, can be unstable on certain types of flooring

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#7.) Comfort Zone Oscillating Electric Wire Element Dish Heater

This is certainly a more obvious style of heater than some of the other ones we are reviewing, but if you want good heat, fast, this is the heater for you! High power, with two heat settings ( 700W and 1000W ) this heater is also tip safe (shutting off if it falls over) and has a flame-resistant plastic casing. The smart design includes a cool to the touch plastic handle with an adjustable horizontal tilt , so you can direct the heat to where you need it the most. The 14-inch reflector dish also gets heat to where it is needed, with 70° of oscillation for full room coverage – you’re not just going to heat up one small spot with this heater.

  • Pros: saves energy with lower power output, silent heating
  • Cons: not the most attractive product, can smell whilst on

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#6.) Vornado Whole Room Metal Heater (VMH300)

This attractive heater is a bit bigger than some of the other models we’ve looked at, but it’s just that bit better at heating up a whole room too! This heater has two heat settings ( 750W and 1500W ) as well as an adjustable thermostat , so it’s got the required power to keep you warm. The construction is powder-coated steel , with all metal control dials and an integrated handle. The cool thing about this heater is the Vortex Action technology which fully circulates warm air gently around the room. With a cool-touch cabinet (despite the metal construction, very clever), 2 stage auto shut off and anti-tip technology, as well as shutting off automatically if excessive heat is detected, this is a safe and effective heater . It also has a dust reducing inlet grille, cord storage compartment AND a 5-year satisfaction guarantee. This is slightly more expensive than some of the other heaters we’re reviewing, but it is a whole room heater, and plus all those little extras add up into a great little product!

  • Pros: good heat, quiet, strong construction
  • Cons: needs regular cleaning, works best in smaller rooms

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#5.)  Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater (BCH9221-UM)

A different style of heater completely now, in the form of this Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater. This heater also functions year-round as a fan, so really, you’re getting double the product for your money. It has an easy to read LED display for easy temperature control and the oscillation feature helps to distribute evenly throughout your room. Two heat settings are featured on this heater and it also has a cool touch plastic casing. Other safety features include: tip-over protection, auto safety shut off, manual user reset and overheat protection. The LED feature allows you to choose your desired temperature or use the Stay On feature which will provide continuous maximum heat. There is also a remote control for even greater ease of use! No need to remove yourself from your blankets to turn off the heater or change the temperature! It’s perfect for medium to large rooms, and the tower design saves space.

  • Pros: great temperature sensor, quiet and efficient
  • Cons: have a short operating life, remote control can be faulty

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#4.) Crane USA Heaters – Black Personal Ceramic Space Heater

A powerful personal space heater, with a compact construction! The upscale design of this product will complement any room, and its small size means that it won’t intrude on your home design or take up much space at all. We think this heater is perfect for the office , where cold fingers can be the bane of keyboard typers the world over! A safe ceramic heating element also has a fan for quick heating of the space, and you can choose from two colors: black or white , depending on what fits best with your environment. Air is forced through the heating coils instead of dispersing naturally, which makes the heating process much quicker. It is marketed as a whisper quiet heater, so it won’t disturb you – another reason we think it’s perfect for the office. It has two heat settings and a cool touch exterior for safety. Another safety feature is the Overheat shut off function, which is an essential.

  • Pros: incredibly quiet, a lot of heat for a compact product
  • Cons: no thermostat, control knob can overheat, can be tricky to move

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#3.) Sarki Personal Space Heater

This is a truly tiny little machine, but it doesn’t disappoint on heat output! This ceramic space heater has 3 heat settings so you can easily control your desired temperature, and it heats up quickly with PTC Ceramic Heating technology. The top wattage is 950, and on the low setting, 450. It is very easy to use, powering on at the touch of a button. Being mini, it fits anywhere it is needed – potentially under your desk, next to your workstation, underneath your table – it’s perfect for small spaces! There is also a single touch button to set it to Swing – and the heater will provide 90° of oscillation . In safety features, this heater has shut offs for if the heater is covered fully or if it tips over, and it is made of V-0 fireproof heat resistant plastic. It also has a recessed handle that won’t overheat for easy movement.

  • Pros: tiny and attractive, heats small spaces excellently
  • Cons: buttons can be tricky to use

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#2.) Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater (5586)

Another tower style heater here, but the big difference with this one is the programmable thermostat timer , for up to 8 hours. We think this is a great feature that can ensure your room isn’t heated for too long, and it helps you save energy! The maximum power of this heater is 1500W , with a ceramic heating element which pushes the air through the ceramic heating coils to heat the whole room. Widespread oscillation also helps distribute the warm air evenly. There are two heat settings, plus an auto setting, all controllable via remote control. Safety wise, this heater has over-heat protection and a cool touch exterior. It has a built in handle for easy movement, and the remote can be stored within the heater too, so you shouldn’t lose it!

  • Pros: quick start, very quiet, heats rooms quickly, timer function
  • Cons: can feel a bit flimsy, few safety features

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#1.) Avalon Premium Ceramic Heater

This fan heater packs a punch! With two heat settings of 1000W and 1500W , your space will be warm in no time! A more traditional looking fan heater, it can be adjusted to various angles to direct the heat where it is needed the most. A DC motor cooling fan pushes the heat rapidly around the room. It is ETL listed and approved for utmost safety, although it doesn’t have a tip-over shut down function. The maximum tilt of this heater is 90° , which is pretty incredible, directing the heat straight upwards! This would be a great bedroom heater for colder nights, or those mornings when you just don’t want to face emerging from under the covers.

  • Pros: heats quickly and powerfully, 90° tilt, stable base
  • Cons: no thermostat, no tip-over safety feature, quite loud.

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