Top Interior Designers on Social Media

In the world of interior design, you can see it all: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Then, there are also people who seem to be a category of their own. They are trend-setters and they push the boundaries of interior design. This is a list presenting the cream of the crop, interior decorators that stand out from the crowd and are on top of their social game.


Benjamin Vandiver heads a remarkable interior design and lifestyle brand since 2022. His company has already completed dozens of projects and fulfilled bathroom design ideas with flying colors. As a refined aesthete that takes pride in natural, rich style, Benjamin has also managed to gain recognition from dazzling paragons in the league of Vogue and Architectural Digest.Amber Lewis is at the helm of Amber Interiors, a company with a proven capability to take on everything from large-scale remodels and bathroom design to instant makeovers and redecorations. An exceptional roster of clients speaks volumes about this collective. Amber specializes in providing unique solutions tailor-made for her clients’. Her social media followers are counted in millions.Kelly Wearstler is a branding virtuoso and an outstanding interior decorator, who garnered clients and followers across the globe. Her signature style is instantly recognizable, as it boasts distinctive aesthetics and oozes sophistication. She does not shy away from bold choices and dares to be different. Moreover, she has an incredible ability to blend different design styles into one striking amalgam.


Darlene Weir  adds so much value to their clients as she builds interiors around their personality and lifestyle. She offers virtual guidance and design consultations and also runs an amazing blog. With her, it is hard to run out of design ideas and virtually impossible to fail to translate your dream space into a reality. It helps that she regularly interacts with her social followers as well.Rebekah Dempsey is an interior design wizard, creative director, and impressive stylist. You could say that the world of interior design gravitates around champions of style like her. Her design philosophy is heavily influenced by her love for up-cycling worn pieces and reusing them. No one can rival her in terms of using textiles like drapes to their full visual potential.Amanda Carol  started as a blogger and after initial success, she decided to launch her own company. She never seized learning about her clients and helping them capture their visions: She sees glimpses of beauty everywhere and helps other notice them too.  Amanda is at her best when she plays with colors, light, and textures.


  Orlando Soria could not possibly be left out of the ranks of top interior designers worldwide. In fact, he has been a staple of the industry for years and also a visual artist and writer. You may want to check out his book of DIY projects and incredible design ideas. As an eager social media poster, he also shares these on his Twitter account.Brad Ford is easily one of the best interior decorators in the global industry. He offers high-end services around the world and gives modern aesthetics a warm soul. His spaces are both elegant and functional, infused with a timeless visual appeal. He works magic with design elements such as clean lines, quality textures, and well-crafted furnishings.Jeffrey Bilhuber has a great deal of respect for the past and always finds a way to breathe new life into it with modern design influences. Whether it is a stunning designer bathroom or a serene natural bathroom, he has got you covered.  His ideas and opinions cut through the overwhelming Twitter noise like a knife through hot butter.

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