What to Consider When Choosing Your Makeup Mirror

It goes without saying that doing makeup is a fine art. Most women know that getting it right takes time and practice. What is more, the conditions you work in also matter a great deal. Beyond everything else, you really need to see what you are doing. Thus, poor lighting or a mirror with low magnifying powers can really inhibit your efforts and turn the whole thing into an unnecessary ordeal.Hence, despite being one of the most underrated beauty accessories, the main artisan tool we need is certainly a mirror. With it, you can obtain a crystal-clear idea of how you really look with all that makeup on your face. In a nutshell, it makes a difference between shabby makeup application and a stellar one. So, mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell me which is the best of them all?

Time to tool up ladies

I think we have all been in situations where applying makeup was a challenge. Indeed, how many times was I frustrated by having to deal with an equivalent of a hotel bathroom mirror? No amount of skills can make up for the fact that these mirrors are not designed for the craft of beautifying. To make it worse, in a typical bathroom, overhead lighting often is inadequate. So, yes, we all have mirrors at home, but choosing just any type does not cut it, certainly not when you want to apply makeup with flying colors. In a nutshell, you have to know what makes or breaks a good mirror. Do the research and figure out what you really want and need. First of all, note that the lighting plays a crucial role. Unlike regular mirrors, makeup ones enable a solid concentration of light and allow women to properly tell how they look and how their faces are made up. Under the light of a makeup mirror, even the most subtle details are visible. That is how one pulls off a face that belongs on the cover of a magazine.Furthermore, makeup mirrors are convenient to use. Quality and versatile products permit us to adjust the lighting to the different settings and facilitate a variety of dazzling outcomes. It is possible to do your makeup anywhere and at any time, as it provides ample light without disturbing anyone. The good news is also that there is a wide array of makeup mirrors on the market. We are in a position to select anything from high-end makeup mirrors to cheap knockoffs. As a rule of thumb, you usually get what you pay for.

Strategic approach

Mirrors are a must-have addition to any bathroom and an essential for any woman who aspires to obtain pro-tier results. It all comes down to you, your needs, and the configuration of the bathroom. You need to put the reflection right where you need it. For example, in case the counter is not the proper height, then a wall-mounted mirror is a better choice. On the other hand, those who like to sit at a vanity will find the best possible ally in a simple tabletop mirror.This is to say that one of the first things to consider is the position of the mirror. You can use a vanity or a bathroom mirror, but bear in mind that portable mirrors are a sound choice due to the presence of shadows that overhead lighting casts. You can reposition it anywhere and find a perfect spot for working your makeup magic. Besides, portable mirrors are nice travel companions. Then again, there are advantages to wall mounted makeup mirrors as well as countertop makeup mirrors.

Let there be light

And if you are wondering whether you should go for lighted or unlighted makeup mirror, well there is really no contest. Good lighting is paramount to your efforts and it helps you avoid problems like eyestrain. The best source of light for doing makeup is the natural one. Alas, since we cannot rely on natural outdoor illumination most of the time, we need to pay close attention to lighting present inside the home and bathroom.The main thing you need to consider is the type of light that the mirror gives out. It pays off to go for products that have dimmers because they give you a chance to control the intensity. Also, LED makeup mirrors and battery LED makeup mirrors are as close as it gets to real sunlight. Believe me that LED lighting works miracles in combination with magnifying makeup mirrors that are also a great asset to your arsenal.Along the similar lines, we come across double-sided makeup mirrors. They usually have great magnifying features and are excellent for eyebrow shaping because you do not have to lean that much to see anything. I would say that the 5x magnification is a sweet spot, but that really depends on your preferences as well as specific needs.

Different strokes for different folks

Amazing products are not in short supply and they constantly hit the market to the utmost joy of women across the globe. Namely, illuminated mirrors now come in all shapes and sizes, which makes the right choice a challenge.  To make your life easier and reach an informed decision, take into account the features of different products. The aforementioned magnification is certainly one of the selling points worth factoring in.Likewise, you may want to opt for mirrors you can turn or angle up in order to accomplish a more detailed look. Swivel mirrors are a nice investment as well, but they must fit in the bathroom or makeup station.  The color of the light is not to be overlooked either. In general, it is best to steer away from mirrors that have overly warm, yellow light bulbs.In any event, rest assured that the mirrors that are way too forgiving do more harm than good. Therefore, stick to white LED light. If you ask me, they are the best of the best, period. And do not be discouraged by the price tag. You might be initially paying two to three times more for a LED mirror, but strive to think in the long-term: LED bulbs conserve energy and actually save you money over the course of their lifetime.Oh, and in case you are buying online, make sure that the size of the mirror is the right fit. It is preferable to prevent any unpleasant surprises like receiving a mirror that is too small to serve a purpose. And please be sure to avoid incandescent lights. They devour energy and are way too hot and warm. Men are not bothered by them because shaving does not require perfect lighting conditions, but women who want to cut a dash cannot settle for a low-quality mirror.

The choice is yours

Do not hesitate to dive into the majestic world of designer makeup mirrors and luxury makeup mirrors. If your budget allows it, why not make your bathroom look classy and gain a sense of elegance while giving your face a makeup treatment?I have seen some incredible, awe-inspiring bathrooms where polished chrome makeup mirrors serve as striking centerpieces. They spark attention and emanate a unique sensation. Considering that functionality should be a top priority, you may say that the design of the mirror is of the secondary importance. Still, this does not imply that it is irrelevant: It is much easier to attain visual bliss when you are surrounded by it. Of course, you do not have to spend a fortune to look like a million dollars. Depending on the type of makeup work, a handheld makeup mirrors could do the trick, so there is no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, as my father used to say. Whether you want to own top-notch makeup mirrors with Swarovski crystals or find cheaper alternatives like brass makeup mirrors, you have to weigh different features and properties of products.

Reflection in the mirror

For better or worse, not all mirrors are created equal and your choices make a real difference. Before you start tearing out the existing lighting and crushing mirrors, do the homework and keep your options open. Groom yourself under correct lighting and remember that magnification is always a plus.

It is also advisable to pick a lighted mirror that emulates sunlight and enables you to see the results in different settings.  If you mean to achieve pro-looking results, keep a close eye on various aspects like dimmability, portability, placement, and size. Ensure that your makeup looks immaculate and picture-perfect and you will be definitely able to turn some heads.

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