What Your House Needs in 2022

If it’s been a while since you’ve redecorated your walls, now’s the chance to get rid of those old, yellowing wallpapers and embrace the new trend—floral wallpapers. Florals are back in full swing, and if you want to bring in a cozy, vintage vibe to your bedrooms, this is a good pick. It doesn’t matter what kind you choose, it can be either something subtle in form of an abstract pattern, or straight up chintz pattern that will give everything a feminine, rustic makeover. It’s interesting to juxtapose this with more modern furniture, so don’t feel obliged to go full vintage if that’s not something you find interesting.The Ultimate Guide to Shower Heads

Green paint

If you don’t like wallpaper, re-painting your rooms is also a good option. The color of the year for 2022 is going to be Night Watch, a deep, lovely shade of green that’s reminiscent of magical forests and soothing nature. It’s a luxurious hue that goes well with neutrals, so if you have a black and white ensemble at home, this can give you that much-needed pop of color and bring in more stylish balance. Painting the whole living room in this shade will look gorgeous, but you can also use it for an accent wall if you prefer. To make the overall appearance more cohesive, make sure to add a few more deep green details into the room—throw pillows, pots, and chairs are a good option. If you want to bring in more contrast, bring in deep red or yellow details and you’ll have a very interesting color scheme going on.

Boho furniture

Rather than coming back, this is more like a trend that never really faded. There are many people who really appreciate boho furniture, and if you’re not fully a fan of modern designs because you think they look far too clinical, this is a great way to bring more personality into the room. If you really want to make everything look whimsical pair it with those floral wallpapers, but if you want to subdue it a little, stick to solid-color painted walls. Incidentally, Night Watch could be an interesting choice to bring out the lushness of this décor.The Top 5 Guidelines for Interior Design

Velvet makeover

60s-inspired curved furniture is popular, and it got a velvet makeover that contributes to the feelings of comfort and sensuality that could be a great way to soften up a room that’s too full of harsh edges and cool-toned colors. Excellent choice for bachelor pads and masculine designs. While most designers stick to sofa and couch covers, you can also bring in a few velveteen carpets or pillows if you prefer.

Matt black drama

Cool greys are very much out, but matt black is in. It’s a really great background, and if you want to do something intriguing, paint your floors back, or even better, use black hardwood in the hallways. It’s also a great color for the bathroom, especially if you have a lot of polished chrome details and seek a modern touch. To really bring in the drama, you can invest in black chairs for the kitchen, and add little details like smooth black chandeliers and vases that you can place on the windowsill. Another interesting bit can actually come in the form of appliances—a tall black refrigerator and coffee-maker will look really cool.

A lot more sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most applauded trends of today, and it’s pervading every aspect of our lives. From the fashion and beauty industry, to innovative new gadgets and projects that are changing modern-day living in the attempt to make us all a little more environmentally-conscious. Luckily, even interior design is getting a sustainable makeover, and next year is going to be fully dedicated to things like items made of jute, rice paper, clay, and upcycled wood.Now’s the great opportunity to turn to upholstered pillows, furniture, cushions, and tapestries, especially if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and control your consumerist urges a bit more. One idea that really stands out is the use of plants—from potted plants spread all over the living room, to full-on “living walls” that are completely covered with greenery. This could be a very interesting take on an accent wall, and a great way to contribute to the betterment of the planet and bring more fresh air into the whole house.Inside Interior Designers’ Homes

Minimalism in the kitchen

This is mostly a consequence of the anti-clutter movement, and people seem to be really embracing minimalism in all aspects of their lives. Clear, straight lines, simple colors, and unfussy design are becoming more popular, and this can be a great option for people who seek to reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff in their lives and make their home look more spacious. We could all benefit from cleaner, simpler kitchens, so invest in some cupboards and armoires made of simple painted wood and throw out all of your old, tacky ornaments. You don’t need much to make a kitchen look good—it just needs to be neat. You can also install easy-to-clean floors and countertops to keep messes under control.

Roll-in bar cart

This is a cute detail that you can use to refresh your dining room or living room, and it has a wonderfully Mid-Century look to it. Bar carts are quite handy and elegant, and they’re perfect for those who love to host parties and gatherings. Just imagine—this allows you to roll out the drinks and serve your guests immediately, and it’s an impressive sight for everyone. Since it’s mobile, you can always move it out of the way or take it to another room if you want to make a quick change. We recommend that you go for brass or polished gold design, but if you like, you can also pick an all-glass model.

A cozy little nook

Having your own nook is very trendy, and most personal spaces are decorated in that popular Hygge manner that’s still very much present in designer houses. Your house needs a cozy retreat—it simply feels incredibly safe and comforting to have on around. To create it, designate a space for it, and make sure it’s somewhere where you can get your peace and quiet. Bring in a plush sofa and a bunch of throw pillows, and place a woolen blanket over it for those long, cold winter nights. It’s a good idea to make it next to a library or a bookshelf because it’s a great little spot for reading. You’ll also need a small table where you can keep your tea, or a big desk if you plan to use this nook for your creative hobbies.

Metallic gold finish

Gold has never looked quite so good—from black gold, bright champagne gold, and gold patinas, furniture is getting a stunning, luxurious makeover. Frequently paired with the velvet trend, designers seem to be using gold velvet covers for sofas as the only ornamentation in the room. There are also a lot of metallic-lined coffee tables, chandeliers with glimmer details, and small vases filled with dry flower arrangements.Interestingly enough, copper is currently out, but there are mixed metal designs that can look either very pretty, or very tacky if you’re not careful. If you feel like experimenting, try matching your gold to oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron, and if you’re more into silver, try mixing it with pewter. Make sure there are never more than two or three different metal colors in the room.

A statement ceiling

Now, this is something fresh. Most of the design innovations usually revolve around new colors and accent walls, but we rarely ever see anyone focusing on the actual ceilings. It’s fascinating to see what a bright pattern up above can do to make a room look bigger, and designers are using everything from wallpapers to lacquered paint to bring something unique to rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms can be particularly good for this purpose, but if you’re feeling bold you can try painting your living room ceiling in the style of 1920s.While trends can serve to inspire you, there’s no need to stick to them blindly if you don’t want to. The most important aspect of design is your own personal touch, so feel free to get creative and use these suggestions as an inspiration and outlet for your ideas.

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